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Good Day, My name is Terrell Fitzpatrick, I've been studying personal development for the past 4 years and now I'm teaching this all around the world. My focus is on helping you to achieve your goals by partnering in a thought provoking & creative process to inspire you to maximize your personal and professional potential.


I believe I became a life coach because of the issues I was going through, I had been having relationship problems with my wife and I was in a bad place and didn't understand how to deal with it. I was having money problems and that affected my relationship also. I was told by a coach that if you want to learn something you should go to someone that knows how to do it.


Goal-Setting, Paradigm-shifting, Time management.

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.


I currently have Terrell from Wins or lessons coaching me, for the past 6 months he has been coaching me on goal setting, time management and how to make residual income. I must say I have had a significant increase in my productivity and have made significant steps closer to my goal, he also has shown me different ways of earning a subliminal income.
― R. Reid
M. M. After many months of failed attempts to get my life in order I figured it was time to hire a life coach. Terrell came highly recommended to me from a colleague for his life coaching skills. We met and discussed my goals and what I was needing to get accomplished along with what my set backs were. He helped me create a list of these items and steps to get them done. I felt like I had a mountain to tackle but once broken down it wasn’t so bad. Baby steps and small projects. Little by little with Terrell help I was able to reach my goal which was rebuilding and rebranding my small business. Terrell helped me hold myself accountable for my projects and gave me the push I needed when I started to drag my feet. His constant support and encouragement helped me to reach this goal. I have increased my revised by two more weddings added each month which is huge for my small business. I could not have made these changes with out him. I literally felt like for months I was just spinning my wheels. Thank Terrell for your wisdom and guidance.
― M. M.
Working with Wins or Lessons exceeded my expectations! Mr. Fitzpatrick is easy to talk to, honest, and encouraging. I suffer from anxiety, and as my mentor, Mr. Fitzpatrick encouraged me to follow my instincts and helped me to make logical choices. He even suggested breathing exercises! I am at peace with the decisions I've made over the past few weeks and honestly it feels great. Thank you Wins or Lessons!
― Ikia C.

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