About Coach Charina Cruz

I've always been passionate about 2 things: Helping people grow and exploring. Its no surprise that my purpose and coaching style is based on that. I believe that professional development and personal growth can and should be a fun adventure. Why can't our quest for career change and self-improvement be an enjoyable one? I bring my hard-earned wisdom living and working in 5 continents to inspire, educate and help my clients explore and develop the tools and resources they need to succeed! Not only do I understand the challenges of career transitions and life changes, but I've also personally been through it over and over. My personal and professional mission is - To help people around the world to find the Clarity and Confidence to Create the life and career they want. What I've learned working with people regardless of what stage in life they are in - executive leader, university student, soon to retire, career changer, brand new or seasoned entrepreneur - is that to be truly fulfilled and happy in our life, we need to pay attention to not just our career but the sum of everything that is important to us. I've developed a holistic framework based on 7 Pillars of Harmonious Success where I work with my clients to develop the Mindset & Confidence & more importantly to Take Action in ALL the impactful areas of our life! VISION (what do you want and who do you want to be) + MINDSET (your perspective, your drivers and motivation) + ACTION (consistent activities towards progress) = Results (Success in the areas that are important to you)


I have 15+ years of coaching, advising and consulting experience in 5 continents as an Education Adviser; an award-winning Career Specialist; a Recruiter and Executive Headhunter (where I relocated people from around the world) and a Business and Growth Consultant for Entrepreneurs and Organizations. Not only do I help people achieve success during times of change and stress but Ive also personally been through it numerous times.

Licenses & Certifications

Post Grad Business Management, Erickson International - The Art & Science of Coaching Double Honours BA - International Comparative Studies

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

Client Reviews for Charina Cruz

"Charina Cruz was a lifesaver in a nutshell. When I was applying for a position I worked with Charina during the interview process. At the time, my boss was abusing me emotionally, showed lack of appreciation of the work that I did, and completely took advantage of me. When I received the call for the interview I was a total wreck because my self-confidence and pride in the work that I had accomplished was completely depleted. Needless to say, I was confused and terrified of the interview because it was a position that I was really interested in and it was an opportunity to escape my current boss. From the moment Charina and I spoke she was kind, understanding, and a very good listener. She met me where I was at in my emotional state and really figured out how to restore my self-confidence in my professional work. She coached me for a few weeks before the interview by chatting with me about my professional successes and losses, helped me think through good answers for potential interview questions, and repeatedly practised answering questions with me. If it wasn’t for her I would not have walked into the interview like a boss and ace it! In the end, I did get the position….and a return in self-confidence in my professional career. I am forever grateful to Charina for helping me to not only get the job but also for reminding me of all of the important things that I have accomplished in my life’s work.
― Jacqueline B.
"Charina has really helped me not only with my vision as a business owner but also my execution as a leader. She brought together my staff as a cohesive team and as individuals to clarify what their professional goals were. It's made my company better and stronger as a result. As a Coach, she's played a huge part to my personal and business success."
― Anael M
"Charina worked with us with our Team's Vision and Identity. Her workshops helped unify our team and we were able to work at a higher level as a team. Our motto is "To be Olympians". She created space that enabled us to figure out what was truly important to us and how we want to be known as, clarifying what our vision is and how we're going to get there. ladymaples"
― Canadian Women's National Volleyball Team
"Charina is the most grounding person I know. I'm not a big fan of life coaches, but she is the only person I would actually ever recommend as one. She's really good at making things suddenly seem simple, easy and obvious if you've been stuck in a rut for a while or calming you down when you're freaking out. She's fun and funny and non-judgemental and always sees the best in people and situations. I can honestly say I've learned to find more joy in everything from Charina, and she wasn't even trying "
― Mitzi S
"Charina is the bestest. She coached me when I was going for a promotion. She helped me through all the rounds with interview preps, with presenting my business case and industry insights. Above and beyond ready, she helped me blow them away and show off my strengths and skills with confidence. Thanks to her I secured my new role! "
― Naomi C.
"Charina is a compassionate, solutions-focused, inviting, and professional coach. Her client-centric coaching approach is both effective and enlightening as she has helped me overcome my past limiting beliefs, my inner demons, and helped me remove my blinders so that I can realize I have the resources, the creativity, the vision, and the strength to change my life to one that I want to live."
― Edmond C

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