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Are you setting up your own business and feel somewhat overwhelmed by it all? Or are you struggling to cope with the pressures of studying for something while holding down a day job? Maybe its not only affecting you emotionally, but also your health? I know what you're going through. I completed a Masters Degree, started my own business with nearly no budget and no outside help and then got my Coaching Diploma all while working full-time as a physiotherapist. During all this I also found the time to train for and run my first marathon. I love helping other sole entrepreneurs to build their businesses while leading healthy, balanced lives.

About Coach Maryke Louw

My years spent working as a physio has taught me that you have to take a holistic view of someone if you want them to successfully adopt healthy habits. People who try to achieve their goals without taking into account factors like family commitments, health and social life are setting themselves up for failure. I've found this approach to be true for my coaching clients as well, whether I'm helping them to start a new business or to create the work/life balance that they crave. I became an entrepreneur in my mid-thirties and I know how rewarding, but also how scary it can be to take that leap. I've had to learn how to rein in my own perfectionism, conquer procrastination and battle the ever-present impostor syndrome. Using this experience to help other solo entrepreneurs realise their dreams has become my passion.


Let me help you to: Set realistic priorities and goals for yourself and for your business or studies Hold yourself accountable Manage your time efficiently Get your work/life balance right Keep up your motivation Conquer procrastination Avoid self-doubt Overcome impostor syndrome Build your confidence Curb your perfectionism Deal with setbacks Change bad habits Live more healthily Lose weight

Licenses & Certifications

Personal Performance Diploma (Distinction) from The Coaching Academy 2018 ICF Registered BSc in Physiotherapy (Honours) 2003 Msc Sports Injury Management (Distinction) 2011

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

Client Reviews for Maryke Louw

I was coached my Maryke on 2 different areas; my health/fitness and on completing my diploma/marketing myself. Prior to these sessions I had been talking about losing weight/getting fit and healthy for about 3 years! However through working with Maryke I feel I now have total control of my fitness lifestyle, where I have started to follow a diet plan, have joined a gym and have even cut down on drinking fizzy drinks which I feel had become an addiction – a whole session focusing on this was really worth it as I began to realise how I had the power to change this habit that I really didn’t want and replace it with a healthier alternative. These sessions have been so valuable for me as they have brought me to a place that I have been trying to get to for years. I feel by really focusing on what my goal would give me really made me commit, it also helped to identify a plan of when I could fit exercise into my busy lifestyle, something that I now rely on on a daily basis. In my final two sessions we worked on finalising my work, ready to submit my diploma. Before this I kept procrastinating, but by getting me to assess what was left to do against the estimated task Maryke got me to set a realistic deadline, of which I achieved and was especially proud of myself. Throughout these sessions Maryke made me feel totally comfortable, she was really positive and always professional I feel she really got the best out of me for which I am very grateful.
― Bianca B
The coaching I received from Maryke was professional, well set up and very focused. Maryke is very personable and I felt I was questioned into coming up with options I had not thought of previously & prompted me to set clear deadlines and write down the goals which made me accountable for what I had promised. As a result, I achieved the first milestone of my first goal by the deadline set. I would not have done this without the session with Maryke as I kept putting it off. I was encouraged to write down the goal and actions which made me commit to take the necessary action. When due to other unexpected commitments I didn’t achieve all the session goals by the date set Maryke supported me to get back on track to achieve them. This was particularly helpful in ensuring I moved forward rather than dwell on the past. During the 4 sessions I had various goals that all related to the bigger goal of setting up my business. Throughout the sessions the questions put forward by Maryke ensured that I always stayed focused on what my bigger goal was and supported me in taking actions that always led towards achieving the bigger goal results. What I particularly liked was the way that Maryke kindly coaxed me into setting timed actions rather than just an approx. day as she had recognised that I do have the tendency to stray from my commitments onto other tasks. Maryke was exceptional in ensuring that there was clarity throughout the session by getting me to feedback my goals and actions during the session. This served to keep me on track. The final session was of particular benefit as it enabled me to regroup the goals from the previous sessions and review the required actions, then set a new plan going forward. This helped me to reflect on what had previously held me back… which was often me, my thoughts and my tendency to procrastinate by living inside my own head! As a result of the sessions with Maryke I will enter 2018 feeling much clearer on my bigger goal and what I need to do in the short term to now move forward. I also now have a greater awareness of what holds me back and can be aware of how to overcome these obstacles in the future.
― Joanne W
I found the coaching sessions with Maryke invaluable. I have spent a number of years procrastinating about my weight, but never finding the motivation to challenge myself. The coaching sessions have proven to be inspirational to fire me to challenge myself to do the life changes required to lose weight and get fitter. The questions directed by Maryke stay with me, and I often find myself using the same questions on myself to prevent me stopping or quitting. I really enjoyed the process and have recommended Life Coaching to a number of friends as a very easy way to help get your head around any of the issues you are trying to overcome.
― Hannah C
Maryke's coaching style is friendly encouraging and non-judgemental I found her pragmatic approach very calming which was very helpful when I was going through stressful periods. I very much looked forward to the coaching session as it gave me time to focus on my goal and how best to work towards it. Having several priorities, I found it helpful that Maryke consistently kept me focused on my goal. During sessions, Maryke kept me on track by asking me to refer back to my goal. And by breaking it down, I felt my goals were possible and felt less overwhelmed. A key coaching session was one in which Maryke drew my strengths out. This provided a useful foundation for me and moving forward with my new challenges. I found some of Maryke’s questions challenging to answer as they really did make me think! I find the coaching is benefiting me outside of the sessions too aside from the action points, there was one particular insightful question which Maryke asked which I now ask myself to keep me on track. And where I didn't complete an action Maryke kept me accountable but without me feeling judged or like a failure. As a result I benefited as much from actions that weren't completed, as from those I completed. In summary, I've achieved a lot in the past few months on a personal and professional level. Been coached by Maryke has definitely been a key part of keeping me on track. Thank you Maryke for really useful coaching sessions, and a very helpful and motivating review session to.
― Nicky P
The coaching sessions has supported me in overcoming the frustration of being injured, finding alternative training and stress coping methods during this trying period. With the alternative ways of viewing obstacles I also managed to start losing the weight I gained during the period of injury.
― Elmien vE
The coaching sessions with Maryke helped me to be more organised in my daily living and helped me take a big idea and break it down into smaller component. I had a pattern to how I managed new projects, which often resulted in me putting in lots of effort for little results. This usually entailed overthinking the planning and my ability in myself. Although Maryke did not work directly on building my condfidence or self-esteem, during my sessions she helped me feel more confident as I gain more clarity around my subject matter. Through her questions I felt that she understood what I wanted to achieve and genuinely cared about me achiving my goal. She helped me to explore possibilities and to question my thinking at a deeper level, which enabled me to come up with the best ideas and action steps. I.e. I was required to create a training course at work and I had no previous experience. Initially I started doing research to link to the course at work which was time consuming and impacting on my confidence. But during the session I came up with the options to split the course content in sections as I realised that it would be more productive for me to focus on creating the content first and then the relevant research would come as a result, saving time. This helped me to feel more confident in myself as I felt more in control in the direction of what I wanted the course to look like.
― Maureen R
My 4 coaching sessions to date has had a major impact on helping me move forward with my goal of setting up my own successful coaching business and getting back into my practice coaching in order to qualify. Maryke has made me feel at ease and we have built up amazing rapport. I feel as a coach she is able to maintain a comfortable environment yet push me enough to enable me to meet my outcome.
― Mira P
I have been coached by Maryke for just over three months and received a series of coaching sessions on a wide range of topics including personal wellness, work and relationships. I have made progress towards a number of goals during this time including securing a new job. The coaching sessions have all been supportive, helpful and productive.
― Amanda H
Over the last 6 months Maryke has helped figure out a lot of my barriers and fears that were holding me back from starting my own business. Maryke has a direct yet soft approach to asking the right questions and challenging me to open up another door of my self awareness. I have realised how I’ve been holding myself back and how now with clear mind I can take one step at a time to get closer to owning my own business. Maryke has also supported me on breaking down my goals, giving me the confidence that I can achieve them regardless of their size or pace of the outcome. For me this was very useful as I am relatively impatient which then got me overwhelmed. Maryke helped me replace these feelings with the ones of confidence and willingess to go ahead with any task in hand. For this I am grateful and I would like to thank her for her positive attitude and open curiosity kept through all our sessions. I now feel ready and more confident to open a new chapter in life, becoming a small business owner by having already eliminated most fears and insecurities and giving myself time and space to do their magic. All thanks to Maryke! Thank you!
― Amalia C
My goal was to obtain 3 paying clients for my HR Consultancy and Coaching business, by the end of the 2018. Maryke’s enthusiasm shone through in the sessions and she was always encouraging. Maryke was not afraid to challenge me and made me think about how I could achieve my goals, and was always professional. During each coaching session, Maryke helped me identify steps to move me forward towards my goal, which proved successful. In particular, Maryke helped me overcome my limiting beliefs about myself, and I am pleased that I reached my goal by the end of June which is a fantastic achievement. I would recommend Maryke as a coach for anyone who wants to achieve a goal but has some doubts about their ability to achieve it. Thank you, Maryke!
― Liz J

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