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Coach Beth Eldridge

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I help people understand what drives them, expand their choices, and make and act on decisions that align with their deepest values. When we channel our life energy to pursue what really matters, we grow into our limitless potential with ease and joy, and are supported in making our unique, vital contributions to the world. I support people like you who are navigating concerns with: * Empowerment, Realizing Potential * Clarity, focus, and prioritizing what really matters * Confidence, Resilience, Self-Worth * Communication (Self talk, Listening, Courageous conversations) * Relationships (Self, Intimate, Friends, Family, Work) * Health, Well-being * Life Balance/Direction, Spirituality * Leaving a Legacy * Thriving Despite a Loved Ones Addiction * Driving Mindfully, Transforming the Commute * Stress, Anxiety, and Overwhelm We were born to become our best selves, so let's jump start that journey now! As your coach, I'll invite you to look deeply into what really matters, develop the trust and agency to pursue it, and the adaptability to shift gears if needed. I'll help you realize your potential by developing an empowered and compassionate presence, with communication skills that will give you fresh eyes to see yourself and the world.

About Coach Beth Eldridge

I am passionate about helping people reconnect to themselves, develop vibrancy and health, show up authentically and compassionately in relationships, and reignite their creativity. From there, we can make meaningful contributions in life, work, and community, with greater ease and joy. Within each of us is a powerful inner wisdom. I'll help you unlock this wisdom, while calming the doubts of the mind. We'll challenge limiting beliefs and misperceptions, and focus on coming to know the truth of the matter, while letting go of what we can't know. I'll also help you understand and relate with others in ways that will open your mind and heart, while supporting you in moving toward what matters to you. By taking responsibility for what's yours, and letting others be themselves, you'll find a new empowerment to live your life freely and fully, yet still connected to a greater whole. I use the dynamic frameworks and tools of Mindfulness and Nonviolent Communication, which have been successfully applied to a range of issues, from personal empowerment and spiritual discovery to negotiating high level conflict. Since 2016. I've reached over 200 people in guided mindful hikes and relationship & communication workshops. As a teacher, I understand that everyone has their own style of learning, and we'll work together to help you grow in your own way.


I offer an inviting and compassionate presence, listening deeply to understand the heart of what youre saying, and asking questions to bring out your innate wisdom. My tone is caring and supportive of growth that is based on what you long to create in your life, from a vision that values yourself and others. I practice: - Inviting you to envision your wellness in a context of abundant possibilities and growth. - Fostering unconditional positive regard and belief in your capacity for change, and honoring each client as an expert on his or her life. - Exploring barriers and problem-solving strategies, promoting action plans, and encouraging positive, sustainable behavioral change. - Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and co-creative process that inspires them to optimize their personal and professional potential through awareness building, goal setting and accountability.

Licenses & Certifications

Completed year long "train the trainer" courses in Mindfulness and Nonviolent Communication; practiced and studied since 2005 Certified teacher for the state of CO, with successful background check. Ph.D. in Educational Equity and Cultural Diversity

Coaching Rates

Have a free 15-minute initial discovery session with your coach.

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Client Reviews for Beth Eldridge

To say that Beth was tuned into and open to what I needed ...does little justice to what Beth brought. Grounded into meditative practice, ...soul nurtured, body adjusted, mind and heart awoken. Gratitudegratitudegratitude.
― Malcolm, North Melbourne, Australia
Beth is an amazing guide and coach....The way she sees the world inspires me a lot. Thank you Beth!
― Ayane, Setagaya, Japan
A lovely experience! Beth's meditative techniques were simple enough for beginners to really grasp while creative enough to be as challenging and in-depth as we wanted.
― Joanna, Kansas City, MO
Beth was great! Communicated really well with us, was helpful in customizing... to the group's abilities.
― Claron, Chicago

Case Studies for Beth Eldridge

I helped a woman with chronic illness look inside, find her truth, and speak up to advocate for her well-being. She found ways to work within her physical limitations, accept life from day to day, and tend to her mind, body, and heart.
I used English and Spanish to help a coffee farmer overcome doubt, negotiate with retailers, and envision and grow his business - from being in one supermarket to five, and still growing!

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