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Calls: $15
I'm Anush and we've been working with Arevik for about 2.5 months. These 2.5 months of journaling with Arevik's precious help were extremely interesting, overexciting and highly productive for I just learned writing down, giving way to my emotions and thus seeing what comes next to happen! One of the most useful things I was coached in is accepting each day as smth unique, truely new, and given for a different experience (than I had yesterday). It is also accepting the inevitabe moments the way they are, without getting embarrassed with the idea of changing anything. Paying attention to these kind of details, evalutaing pros and cons, those qualities of practicing compare/contrast exercises were of an undeniable help in solving many problems and moving forward! Yes, just keeping doing and learning, this is what I value most of all. Her human qualities, kindness, willingness to help and encourage with every word made our journey together a way much pleasurable. Wish her best of luck!
― Anush G.
Mike is an exemplary coach and trainer that always seeks and achieves the best for whomever he is training. Mike goes beyond what most people would is leading individuals and groups in the achievement of their physical and mental goals in both wellness and physical perfection. A born and trained leader, Mike is an asset to any team or person looking to accomplish more than they ever dreamed of.
― James R.
Life Coach Rafael Boker - London, United Kingdom

Rafael Boker

London  ·  United Kingdom
Health  ·  Relationships  ·  Family  ·  Romantic  ·  Career  ·  Business  ·  Finance  ·  Communication  ·  Academic  ·  Spiritual  ·  Stress  ·  Sales
Calls: $150
After such a coaching journey that we walked all I want to do is to give you the acknowledgment you deserve. I started the coaching on April for a period of 4 month. To get to coaching sessions I had to come from up north all the way to you and each time I was excited. I came to you, to be guided by you. The coaching fields as contributed to me a lot in my work as a bank manager and in my private life also. The process did not end because I implement it every day. The thing that made this journey so special from the beginning to the end was your positive approach, your ability to focus, your ability to see my agenda and focusing on it, the endless patience, treating me with respect, the support that you gave all the way. There are not enough words to describe the thing you gave me. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the coaching process and I am positive that our coaching partnership is rock solid and I know that when I will need this partnership again it will be there for me.
― Cochi
Calls: $50
Jennifer was really helpful in providing insights for my for career goals. She was open minded and provided the necessary resources to help me get a clear vision of my future
Calls: $25
Dezi is always professional and extremely knowledgeable! I couldn't think of one thing different I would need!
― C. Getz, Las Cruces, NM
Calls: $50
My coaching experience with Coach Pankaj has been great. From the very first session he helped me in getting clarity of thought and a systematic approach to things. The best part of my sessions with Coach Pankaj was the ease with which he was able to understand and guide me in a very simple yet powerful way. I'm thankful to him for his valuable guidance through the Coaching sessions I had with him.
― Anusha Saxena
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Life Coaching

Life can throw many unexpected events our way. Whether it occurs with work, family, or personal matters, knowing how to handle challenges is very valuable.

Sometimes we may have success, happiness, and confidence in many areas of life. However, it can still be difficult to achieve our goals, feel fulfilled, and reach the level of happiness we want. Getting things in order and turning the tide with the way things are going can be tough without help.

Life coaching can be useful in a wide variety of instances. Whether a person is struggling with a certain aspect of life like work success or family relationships, or whether they’re simply hoping to become happier in life, coaches can provide valuable advice.

Coaching often involves discovering our goals and working on a step-by-step strategy to achieve them. Life coaches may offer a wide variety of advice, ranging from changes in our lifestyle to changes in our thought-process about our lives.

When we feel more confident in our own lives, it is easier to build a better future and build healthier relationships with those around us. Coaching offers us the chance to get better control of our lives, and learn strategies for staying in control indefinitely.

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