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I’ve had the pleasure to know and work with Edward Aldama for several years. In both personal and professional situations Edward has been a true inspiration and a valued source of new creative ideas. Walter Chrysler wrote "the real secret of success is enthusiasm.” Edward’s secret of success is challenging the best in everyone he touches through enlightenment, entitlement and a systematic path to enrichment. – I will continue to call on Mr. Aldama as I expand in my career.
Arvell has changed my view on how a person should work. He’s relentless in helping you find what’s a priority and how to move towards it. His insight brings clarity.
― Joseph Bojang
“My work with Lori was instrumental in providing guidance & counsel during a period when I was questioning my leadership, engagement skills, and purpose. Her thoughtful questions and keen insight resulted in more clarity around my giftedness, calling and relational style. As a result of her kindness and willingness to speak truth into my life, I have more confidence to move forward toward a more intentional life. I am deeply grateful for the transformation I experienced while working with Lori.”
― ~ Bary – Managing Director, Private Wealth Management
You are a great coach. You listen and understand me well. I am much more confident and independent.
― Bel - Jan. 2017
I work with individuals looking to transcend and heal through difficult experiences they have been through or break out of addictive patterns. I have coached people who have faced addictions, loved ones with addictions, and grief. I have counseled hundreds of clients and families on these issues and conducted numerous in person interventions. I also coach on meditation and life practices to help you develop and blossom. Besides being a coach to help transcend, I am also a coach to help those who have transcended their most challenging times to now live out their best lives and challenge themselves to reach their spiritual and material life goals. I can also be involved in business and practical suggestions as well, having served as a financial executive in my career progression.
- Healing and Recovery from Painful or challenging experiences. Simple ways to heal and change your life. - Spiritual and Meditation practices to expand your life.. A vast and comprehensive knowledge of and experience with proven concepts and practices to foster growth in this area. - Understanding of relationship dynamics to give you tools to work better with others and enhance your life that way. -Practical life skills in business and academics to help you reach your goals.
I've had the pleasure of working with Regina as my coach, I've also received spiritual advise from her by receiving a reading not to long ago. Regina is generous, and clear in her approach with both. I feel she brings all of herself, her life learning both professional training and personal experience to the table. She listens and gives guidance that supports one in taking those life changing leaps that at times feel impossible. She's on my list of healers that keep me centered and balanced so I can continue to do my work.
― Novuyo Masakhane~ Author, Spirit dancer, spiritual advisor
I've been in counseling for a couple of years to get over a divorce. I just didn't feel like I was making any headway so I turned to a coach. I like Susan's description of growth strategist. She helped me realize how much I had already grown in the past couple of years, and that made me feel better about my counseling, but I also felt safe enough to share some fears I had about the future. I loved her ideas and how I felt when I shared my dreams for the future.
― David
Life Coaching Weight Loss Coaching Health/Wellness Coaching Personal Development Coach Relationship Coaching GLTB Coaching Fitness Coaching Credit Restoration Coach 20 Years of Experience
Life Coach Business and Sales Coach Health and Wellness Coach Weightloss and Fitness Coach Personal Develoment Coach GLTB Coach Credit Restoration Coach 20 Years of Expertise
Carol is an excellent member of the PRISM Life Design community. She was very good at my assessments, and she picks out lots of traits in a handwriting sample. I'm impressed with her professionalism. It's nice to work with someone that values the same outcomes as I do. I think she is a good pick for someone to have as their PRISM Life Design Coach. Thanks Carol!
― Charles D.

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