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It was a blessing to work with you. You helped me to overcome some frustrations and some beliefs that was stopping me from some important goals. Thanks to you, I'm on a better path.
― S. Collins
"I loved the holistic approach! It's the only way I could be interested in something as "boring" as finances. Cait was warm, engaging, enlightening, and supportive of my unorthodox financial planning. Will definitely recommend this service to friends!" How satisfied were you with our service (out of 5): 5 How likely are you to recommend us to a friend (out of 5): 5
― Allison Richards
Health wellness disease support and prevention,weight control, goal setting, business development, leadership
Over 30 years coaching individuals, families and groups to achieve natural health and wellness, lose weight and keep it off, refine personal goals and reach them and set business goals for success.
Working with Monique was GREAT!! She helped me to build my resume and helped me to understand what key points to look for when searching for a job. She also gave me helpful interview tips which helped me to land a job. She has been the best to work with.
― Shanna Stegall
As a coach I have seen the most success in the areas of personal development and relationships. I also enjoy helping my clients overcome addiction and depressive oppression.
I specialize in realistic life change and development. If you want to figure out not only where you want to be but how to get there I am your coach. I will utilize my skills and experience to build a plan that will be best suited to your personality and lifestyle. I will always shoot straight to the heart of the issues and be with you every step of the way in reaching your goals..
Parenting, Relationship, Personal Development
Education, Parenting, Teaching, Relationship
Personal organizing & declutter coaching services offered to assist you in finding clarity within your life and the spaces that you occupy, removing the disorder that prevents productivity. Specializing in helping clients remove four different types of clutter; mental, physical, financial and social.

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