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"I loved the holistic approach! It's the only way I could be interested in something as "boring" as finances. Cait was warm, engaging, enlightening, and supportive of my unorthodox financial planning. Will definitely recommend this service to friends!" How satisfied were you with our service (out of 5): 5 How likely are you to recommend us to a friend (out of 5): 5
― Allison Richards
Health wellness disease support and prevention,weight control, goal setting, business development, leadership
Over 30 years coaching individuals, families and groups to achieve natural health and wellness, lose weight and keep it off, refine personal goals and reach them and set business goals for success.
As a result of our work together, my clients experience balance and harmony in their lives. They are able to process and release emotions in a healthy way. They confidently take charge of their lives and surpass their goals. Clients know that they are capable of overcoming any obstacle that gets in their way. If you are committed to taking action to create balance in your life, click the link to schedule a discovery call. Ive been successfully supporting clients for over 7 years and I would love to support you too.
I have successfully overcome a serious medical condition. Also, I have personal and professional experience with successfully navigating difficult teens years. I truly understand lifes challenges but Id love to share the neccessary skills so you can succeed in life!
Wow!! Okay, so I am a single mom. I was getting some child support but I was really struggling to get ahead. I started doing calls with Jon. He not only helped me shift my thinking and helped free me from depression, but he also guided me in building a work from home business. Now me and my kids want for nothing!! Thanks JON!!!!
― Jennifer Cromm
“We took David up on his offer to present at one of our recent quarterly sales meetings. He discussed several techniques, including communication methods, that helped us become better messengers. This has helped us increase our sales funnel, by enabling our team to be more effective “closers,” and has helped me become a better manager. Thanks much.“
― Janine Crawford, VP Sales & Marketing
Working with Monique was GREAT!! She helped me to build my resume and helped me to understand what key points to look for when searching for a job. She also gave me helpful interview tips which helped me to land a job. She has been the best to work with.
― Shanna Stegall
Latrice is who you need to see before you give up! I moved here from California and started questioning rather i should move back or not, things had gotten so hard from me; I'm a license cosmetologist but was not receiving any clients and to top it off I had just gotten married and was having relationship problems. Latrice helped me remember why I moved here in the first place, she helped me set goals on getting clients and rather I should work from home or rent a space, I am now renting a space and slowing increasing my cliental and my marriage is getting stronger she help me realize what I should focus on and what I shouldn't focus on! She is amazing! She teaches how to fish rather than feeding you for the day.
― Monique Straiten
As a coach I have seen the most success in the areas of personal development and relationships. I also enjoy helping my clients overcome addiction and depressive oppression.
I specialize in realistic life change and development. If you want to figure out not only where you want to be but how to get there I am your coach. I will utilize my skills and experience to build a plan that will be best suited to your personality and lifestyle. I will always shoot straight to the heart of the issues and be with you every step of the way in reaching your goals..
Parenting, Relationship, Personal Development
Education, Parenting, Teaching, Relationship
Personal organizing & declutter coaching services offered to assist you in finding clarity within your life and the spaces that you occupy, removing the disorder that prevents productivity. Specializing in helping clients remove four different types of clutter; mental, physical, financial and social.

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