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Coaching has been great. I’ve learned more about myself and how to interact with people, being held accountable. Strategies that I thought I had weren’t actually strategies at all.
― Maria Filardo Architect
This amazing woman has gathered so many lessons from her own life that have made her such an enlightened beautiful person and made them into an easy to understand and use philosophy that can help anyone in their relationships and life. Highly recommend to anyone.
Finding your purpose, men's development, self-discovery, self-mastery, self-awareness, self-empowerment, living the life you desire, creating the life you desire, achieving goals, magnifying your success, magnifying your influence, magnifying your wealth, inspiring people to thrive and not just survive.
I am an extremely driven and focused person who wants to make a positive impact in this world and leave a legacy of helping others. I am a mens Success Mentor, property investor and speaker. Growing up, I lived through the struggles of a broken family with an alcoholic father, divorced parents and moving back and forth from Australia to London; where my parents are originally from. I ended up finishing high school in London and moved back to Australia when I was 20 years old. As I reached adulthood, I searched for meaning in my life as I had a burning desire to be better and live an extraordinary life I just didnt know how I was going to achieve it. I have always had a passion for property and so pursued a career working as a property consultant. It felt great helping others but I always felt that something was missing, so I got started on my journey of self-development to discover my purpose in life. That is when the magic started to happen. I had an amazing mentor who inspired me every day and helped to expand my awareness. As my limiting beliefs started to change and non-supportive habits started to lift, I realised that I had a burning desire to help other men be the best version of themselves. I thought of how incredibly powerful it was having a mentor to guide me through my journey and I developed a passion and desire to be that very person for others. I couldnt help but think of how different life could have been for my family if my father had the guidance he clearly needed. He didnt have passion or purpose in life and he didnt know how to fulfil his role in our family. Now I am an extremely passionate mens Success Mentor at The Successful Male and I help men through their journey of self-discovery, self-awareness, self-empowerment and self-mastery. I realised that if men grow into the best version of themselves, it in turn creates a positive flow-on effect to their families, communities and industries. They become better husbands, fathers, relatives, friends and colleagues. I know that with every man we transform, lives all around him will also transform. Self-education has been something that has completely changed my life and we are now on a mission to develop 1 million men around the globe. At The Successful Male, we live and breathe what we do and completely believe that holistic success can be achieved with the right mindset and guidance. Everyone can live passionate, purposeful and fulfilling lives if they apply themselves correctly, have a mentor to guide them and take the time to discover themselves.
[...] Looking back at myself, three years ago, I didn’t like where I was. Under the guidance of Susanne I was able to turn things around in two aspects of my life. In simple terms, my job and love life sucked. I have now tripled my income and I am in a serious relationship with a handsome gentleman. The whole concept of coaching was new to me, but there was one aspect that I liked: a coach unlocks potential. Susanne has a very structured method of working. Following her guidance (her kind and firm words) has been great for me to find out where my blind spots are. [...] If you are someone who is interested in helping yourself, I highly recommend working with Susanne. [...]
― Sirin D. Executive Agile Coach
Thank you for your time! It was great to talk to someone who truly understood what I was going through. It was very easy to be open and honest with you because it was clear to me you knew exactly what I was feeling.
― Patricia C.
Innovation, reworking complex problems, changing behaviour to change outcomes, mindfulness, problem solving, communication coaching, conflict resolution.
An intricate knowledge of human behaviour, design skills - (have been awarded for a couple of designs I did for NASA - storyboards and a radiation shield), academic writing, conflict resolution, and lateral thinking.
As long as I’ve known Maxwell, he is personable and easy to relate to as a person. He educated me about best practices, resume writings and strategies for personal development as an international student trying to adapt to the local culture. He constantly followed up on my progress and was very concern with my personal development. I am confident that Maxwell will continue to be very productive. He has my highest recommendation.
― Michelle Ng
Start Up Wellness Business Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Business/Client Engagement Strategy
Small Business Coaching, Wellness Leadership Coaching , Women's Leadership, Wellness Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Non For Profit Leadership Coaching, Human Service Based Business Coaching, Creative Arts Coaching, Performing Arts Coaching, Speaking Coaching, Client Relationship Management, Social Media Strategy, Event Management and Promotion, Education Based Marketing, Sales Coaching
leadership effectiveness, career transition, new dads, executives, managing change
I have a broad range of experience delivering strong outcomes while building, managing and leading teams in HR, policy development, cultural change, project management, organisational strategy and IT service management roles. This experience allows me to understand the context that people are operating in and help them reach higher levels of performance and effectiveness. I have also completed tertiary training in leadership, ethics, building teams and managing change which I use to help people identify their strengths and how to apply them to their situation.
Business - small business coaching, personal coaching, lifestyle creation and developing personal capability.
Women in business, Facilitating workshops, Key Note Speaker, Mentor to Coaches
"Three years ago, I was absolutely desperate. I'd just lost my wife in a car accident, I was grieving and recovering from the accident myself - most of my friends had abandoned me, which was especially hard as my wife and I had really treasured our friends. I thought I'd make a new start and move to Adelaide to start a new job in the Adelaide Hills, but I felt like I didn't belong at all. I felt like I wasn't welcomed by the locals and I just felt totally beaten. One day, I got talking to a guy at my local pub over a beer and this guy was Dr Robert. He told me about his program, which at that stage was only in the formative stages and he said he could coach me so I wouldn't be so lonely - and alone. The program was really challenging, even a bit confronting at times, but it was also fun and really got me back into living my life. After the 6 months, I had lots of local friends who are really supportive to this day and I really feel like an important part of my community. I can walk tall again knowing that if I run into trouble in my life, that my friends will give me a hand, just like I'll give them a hand if they have hard times. Robert's program is brilliant - just do it!"
― Steven S (2017)
Edna has a very positive approach to coaching and mentoring. She has helped me to visualize my goals and get results in a very short time. She has helped me to communicate effectively and get positive results with my staff, my boss and the board. Her coaching style allows you to self reflect and find the solutions that work for you. I highly recommend her coaching services.
― Claire Smith* General Manager, Non Profit Organisation
I’ve known (and respected) Mike for over thirty years, from when he was employed on the executive team at the Herbert River Canegrowers and I was that organisation’s local insurance manager. Eventually we both moved to Cairns and I’d bump into Mike occasionally at business or community functions but more often than not I’d read about Mike in the papers in his role as the regional general manager for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. In that capacity Mike not only brought a greater community focus on the RFDS but in my view, he contributed so much to that organisation’s development and service initiatives throughout Far North Queensland. I keep telling him that he needs to write that book! By coincidence, all these years later, Mike and I live in the same beautiful part of Far North Queensland in Redlynch Valley. Saturday morning will often see us having a chat over my front garden fence as Mike helpfully (and with great tact) will point out a weed or two that I have missed! A life coach should be a good listener and Mike is great at that. A life coach should, I think, allow you to look at yourself, where you’re going in life and maybe some options on how to get there. And like the best coaches in sport or business, it’s left up to you to make those choices, with Mike at your side if that’s what you need. Mike quietly weaves in life circumstances and shared experiences as naturally as drinking a glass of water. I sometimes think I’m getting free support over our weekend garden chats. There’s more than just weeds in the garden that he’s helped me to eradicate. John Devaney Redlynch Valley June 2017
Self-care has improved. I have sustained closer relationship and harmony with family members. My thinking is more open. I can accomplish things when I make a commitment to myself. Myra
― Myra
I help those who want to get out of chronic pain, anxiety, disease. Being a sufferer for over 18 years I know where you have been and exactly where you need to go. You will have freedom from pain if you work with me.
I use various tools techniques and modalities I am a certified Holistic Practioner all my tools combined will combat fear, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, auto-immune disease, breakdowns all I need for you to do is to want to be free from pain. Oh and follow and action what I tell you
I can highly recommend Fiona as a coach!! She has the innate ability to get to the core of the matter and find the underlying issues within. She understands how people feel and think and can show you how to understand yourself better and guide you to become the person you want to be in life. I know this is true, as she has helped me so much after only one conversation. I now use the skills she has taught me and constantly am amazed at how quickly I can change my mindset and focus to one of positivity and action. I would highly recommend booking a consult with her, you won't be disappointed.
― Natasha Gray
I have been providing live coaching and executive coaching for more than 4 years, and I have delivered more than 3000 hours of financial counselling and served more than 500 clients. I have a middle east experience, especially in the Gulf region. My clients mainly are from Lebanon, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Australia, USA and Canada. I speak Arabic and English. My professional background is IT and IT Management.
Sales, Marketing, Online, E-commerce, Business & Career Coaching
Sales, business, online, e-commerce & career coaching
Inspiring & Empowering Men To Thrive Personally & Professionally
Success Mentoring - includes mindset, influence, psychology of wealth, purpose identification, assessment of strengths & values, leadership, money management, performance, productivity, creativity and success principles.
Im a life coach, and, I want to work with people that want to get real and hear the honest truth, and of course, learn how to speak their own truth. If what youre experiencing is being pushed over and your desires are on the backburner while everyone uses you, then Im your guy, and, I get it. I wont hold your hand but I will definitely be present to your experience every step of the journey on your path. Im raw, Im dark, I have an edge and a whole lot of love. If this speaks to you, we are of the same tribe. I consider myself a misfit coach. I want to talk to the people that nobody wants. I want the rejects, I want the hopeless and the unwanted. I want the powerhouses, the hungry and the uncalibrated. Confused, disoriented and possibly hated. If you feel absolutely unloveable then YOU are my target market.
Limbic system and desire based coaching, vulnerability training and integrity restoration are how I work with clients. I tease out their desires and lean into what may be blocking them. Everyday, I train my ability to coach and bring amy new relevant tools tjat I may have picked up that day into the conversation. Overall, I just get very curious and approving of my client. I create a space where its safe for the client to discuss whats on their mind, and in thekr heart.

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