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I had the pleasure of working with Nora regarding Customer Success Development Coaching/Career Counseling. She is smart, compassionate, a great listener, and very easy to talk to. I truly believe that her lifelong mission is to learn, grow, and help others achieve their dreams and fulfill the callings in their hearts. With her keen intuition, impressive professional background, and natural charisma, Nora provided a fresh perspective to virtually any challenge or opportunity that I presented her with. She taught me to really focus on your core strengths, don't let small details/job responsibilities cloud your judgment, and most importantly, believe in your yourself, be optimistic, and remain confident at all times.
― Christian M.
I am an expert helping clients to break patterns of conflict, healing relationships, increase communication and intimacy. I also have experience helping clients leave toxic relationships and finding soulmates through increasing their self esteem. I work with people who want to invest in themselves and improve their life. I use Strategic Intervention Coaching developed by Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes. Through Strategic Intervention, I improve marriages, relationship with children, friends, parents and co-workers. This coaching helps you heal, improve and take relationships to the next level. I believe that what is inside us is reflected on our outside world. My certification in Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy allows me to work with the subconscious mind and uncovered beliefs. With this expertise, I can find hidden and destructive patterns that you cannot see or change in a regular conversation. I also use meditation and relaxation techniques to improve your inner peace, health and quality of life.

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