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Being S.M.A.R.T.-Self Sufficient, Motivated, Actualized, Resilient, and Tenacious Work Life Balance Dating and Relationships Self Care for Caregivers LGBTQ Academic Achievement
Skilled in providing counseling and coaching to adolescents, college students and adults. Trained in InsideOut Coaching through the Academy of Choice which is based on Choice Theory and Reality Therapy. Trained in serving veterans.
Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Confidence, Self Esteem , Self Love, Motivation, Life Purpose , Fulfilment, Life Direction, Addictions, Relationships, Weight Management, Weight Loss, Eating Habits, Health Coaching, Small Business Coaching, Corporate Coaching, Executive Coaching.
Coaching, Psychotherapy & Clinical Hypnotherapy Programmes: Stress Managaement Anxiety & Panic Disorder Depression Confidence, Self Esteem, Self Worth Weight Management including weight loss, poor eating habits, binge eating . Motivation & Purpose Life Direction Career Relationships Addictions : alcohol, binge drinking & smoking cessation Self Love Programme Business Coaching, Corporate Coaching & Executive Coaching Programmes using Coaching & Neuro-linguistic Programming, Mindfulness based Therapy & Clinical Hypnotherapy..

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