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When I started working with Harlan, it was to assist me in the progression of starting a new business.I didn't realize that my behavior patterns were affecting both my professional life as well as my personal life. While exploring and committing to make the best of one, I was gifted with improvement in all aspects of my life. I finally feel I am who, and where I should be. It is such an overwhelming and liberating feeling. Harlan provided the tools, support and encouragement necessary to unblock my negative perceptions and energy and eliminate my limiting beliefs. He also provided a safe, non-judging, compassionate, and insightful environment that allowed me to explore, experiment, and discover who I was truly meant to be, and I cannot thank him enough!
― Tanya H.
Just had a call with Mariana last week. She had the power to make me feel calm when talking with her.
― Chris P.
I’ve really seen a lot of growth in myself while working with Becky toward goals for my life. Her ability to listen has produced a discovery of cognitive content which has made me see things completely different for the first time in my life and learn to listen to myself. I ALWAYS felt grounded and confident after a coaching session. She is thoughtful and has great insight and intuition. THANKS Becky!
― Kris A.
Embody and align with your higher self, follow your deepest longing, integrate mind, body and spirit. Find safety in the body. Inhabit who YOU truly are, inspite of all the overwhelming advice from outside sources. Uncover your intuition. Discover and SURRENDER to what feels right to you.
Somatic Experiencing Mindfulness & Awareness practices Polarity Two-Chair / Parts Work Access Consciousness Nervous system regulation - recognizing the signs of dis-regulation and experience in coaching to ease anxiety, reduce the freeze-state and relieve depression or general stress. T Group Facilitation ("T" for Sensitivity "Training) - a present-moment relational awareness practice. The methods of communicating in this practice have enhanced connection in relationships of all types - romantic, familial, business, etc. Buddhist Meditation, retreat with Frank Berliner in January 2018 Trauma release - physical pain and PTSD can be relieved with somatic coaching
I specialize in reframing your situation and helping you take the small steps it takes to move forward. I will recognize your humanity, the struggles you face, and help you learn to face what you need to do to get to the life you want. Then I will support you in taking action to get there, no matter how difficult that may be.
ADD / ADHD Rejection Therapy Logotherapy - Finding meaning in life Addictions Mindfulness

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