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She is so patient and kind and sometimes eerily intuitive! I love how she sends me notes from the sessions so I can really focus on being present in the moment. She helped me improve my self-compassion and self-love - something that's always been very hard for me.
― Molly G.
When I started working with Harlan, it was to assist me in the progression of starting a new business.I didn't realize that my behavior patterns were affecting both my professional life as well as my personal life. While exploring and committing to make the best of one, I was gifted with improvement in all aspects of my life. I finally feel I am who, and where I should be. It is such an overwhelming and liberating feeling. Harlan provided the tools, support and encouragement necessary to unblock my negative perceptions and energy and eliminate my limiting beliefs. He also provided a safe, non-judging, compassionate, and insightful environment that allowed me to explore, experiment, and discover who I was truly meant to be, and I cannot thank him enough!
― Tanya H.
Just had a call with Mariana last week. She had the power to make me feel calm when talking with her.
― Chris P.
Do you want to find your internal home, your center, your awareness, your knowing, your compass? What needs to be cleared and released for that part that is already part of you to be revealed? The nervous system may need to be balanced. Old habits and patterns may need to be acknowledged and released. Clear intentions may need established. Do you intend to change the world? Release sexual shame? Create intimate relationships that feel connected, strong and honest? I listen with a wide focus, tune in to the most important channels, and assist you in finding YOUR truth. My goal is to help you turn on your intuition and access the wisdom within you. With all the chaos in this crazy spinning planet, what will allow you to be clear in your unique path, in harmony with the world around you? Coaching specialties: Relationships, Nervous System Regulation, Stress reduction, Spirituality, Health and wellness, Presence and Mindfulness, Trauma release, Inner path, Embodiment, Meditation
Somatic Experiencing Mindfulness & Awareness practices Polarity Two-Chair / Empty Chair Access Consciousness Nervous system regulation - recognizing the signs of dis-regulation and experience in coaching to ease anxiety, reduce the freeze-state and relieve depression or general stress. T Group Facilitation ("T" for Sensitivity "Training) - a present-moment relational awareness practice. The methods of communicating in this practice have enhanced connection in relationships of all types - romantic, familial, business, etc. Buddhist Meditation, retreat with Frank Berliner in January 2018 Trauma release - physical pain and PTSD can be relieved with somatic coaching
Wellness Women's Empowerment Sales Career
My special gift is being fluid enough to assist you in the areas of your life in which you need. Together we create a sacred space for you to understand and grow thru your challenges. I will simply speak with you and we will devise a course of action and plan one step at a time, Life can be overwhelming when you are feeling unsure of the right path or choice. We all have times we need guidance, do not have to have all the right answers or know what exactly would be best for ourselves all the time. Most of the time, we have the knowledge inside, we just need a helping hand.
I specialize in reframing your situation and helping you take the small steps it takes to move forward. I will recognize your humanity, the struggles you face, and help you learn to face what you need to do to get to the life you want. Then I will support you in taking action to get there, no matter how difficult that may be.
ADD / ADHD Rejection Therapy Logotherapy - Finding meaning in life Addictions Mindfulness

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