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I can honestly say Zoe is very passionate and supportive with an upbeat and determined attitude. Which in turn, makes you think about what you personally want to achieve. Structuring personal goals, in a way that I’d never thought of before, this helping me focus on the things that really matter. I personally believe, when you have any kind of coaching, you need to have utmost faith in the person you are trusting to help you to achieve your goals. I fully recommend working with Zoe and I personally, have every faith in her!
― Leanne
Executive, Leadership, Business, Personal and Life Coaching.
Behaviour change and releasing limiting beliefs Achieving peak performance Enhanced relationships Better decision making for self and business Managing change and uncertainty Navigating career and personal development Impact of adoption Living well with life threatening illness Resilience
Health and Wellbeing Coach & Therapist
Chronic Health Conditions (particularly M.E and Fibromyalgia), Depression and Stress.
I had gained about 9lbs in the last month and I felt sad that I had lost control of my eating. I knew I wanted to be fitter and healthier, so I could identify with my own appearance. My lack of success in getting to my right size was affecting my confidence to achieve my life goals as I wasn’t the person I needed to be to achieve them. My initial concern was just how much it would cost and if I would be able to afford it. I knew the learning would be hugely valuable but I also needed to have the funds that were required as one of my recently amended strategies was around not spending what I don’t have. I’d met Fenella several years before and chose her because her personality still resonated with me so long after and her PT experience made me feel she knew what she was talking about, so I booked some sessions. The biggest learning has been to focus on doing one thing towards my goal each day. I also have the feeling that I can achieve it and be balanced without having to be extremely focused on a diet, or be a failure from being off diet. I have lost 7lbs so far. Fenella is caring and treated me with warmth instead of being tough and making me feel even more like a failure when I didn’t retain focus on my goal in the way I would like. She is very sage and sensible, giving real life achievable advice. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for some excellent guidance.
― J.N
Tamsin is a wonder woman! In four hours, we were able to fine-tune our ideas and feelings for short-term and long-term goals. She's amazing at listening to a whole stream of info, then sum it up for you in a few words, keeping all the meaning and emotions behind it! Marketing - well, she knows her stuff, she knows how to word things so that they make an impact, whilst always keeping the integrity. Our business is all about making a real change, being authentic and truthful, and Tamsin is the perfect person to help us move forward! We'll be scheduling our next appointment soon!
― Eloise Grobbelaar
Career Change, Purpose, Confidence, Stress, Flourishing
Career change - new direction or stepping up into leadership Leveraging personal performance, sustaining work life balance (time/ energy/ stress mangement) Youth Coaching - for +16 looking at where they want to go in their careers
Life, business, stress management, anxiety, mindfulness
Anxiety and workplace wellbeing are subjects very close to my heart. I understand the juggling required to be a parent, a partner and a leader or manager in the workplace. I offer clients an open heart, an open mind and a supportive sounding board for their challenges. I can help to hold clients to account and motivate them to take steps that they may not feel able to take alone. Most importantly, I can help you to create a little space in your life so that you can make good decisions and just enjoy your life.
Mental and physical health, fitness and wellness. Mindset, Confidence, Anxiety, Depression, Phobias, Weight Loss, Body Image.
I work holistically with the mind & body together to encourage optimal mental and physical health and wellness.

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