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April has wisdom beyond her years. She has a rare gift of conveying a seemingly difficult situation as one that is full of eye opening growth and expansion. She shares her evolution in a way one can relate and makes emotional healing accessible. April finds the natural rhythm of our own healing and reflects it back to us. Our talks and sessions often open my mind to new ways of thinking and feeling. She has lived through difficulties and yet remains warm and kind hearted. I think that's why her healing work is so unique. I highly recommend reaching out to her for coaching and reiki work.
― CC C.
It is a delight working with Laura! I had been going through a sort of mid-life career change crisis, and I worked with Laura to explore the whats, whys, and how-to-move-forwards. She was extremely professional and courteous, caring and non-judgmental. She never gave me generic answers, and I loved that she really listened to what I was saying, and then provided thoughtful answers to my specific questions. Laura provided me with several worksheets that really helped me narrow down my choices and see my present and future in a more clear way. She was extremely kind and open to the process; she understood when I wasn't able to complete them on time, and continued to provide encouragement and positive feedback. No matter what area(s) of your life you seek life coaching for, I do not hesitate to recommend Laura. She will truly help you reveal the answers that are already within you, in a safe and supportive way. I'd give her 100 stars if I could!
― Nadia F.
Goal setting, stress relief, marketing, branding, visualizations, meditation, self-care, self-love, communication, positive thinking, reiki,affirmation, body acceptance, healthy eating, dating, relationships
Natasha is a fantastic coach. She is willing to listen and provide feedback on your concerns; but more importantly she is able to provide feedback on how to take action to start changing the things you want to change about yourself. I recommend Natasha if you need a coach that will help guide you from the inside out (spiritually and physically).
When I joined Life Purpose Academy I was in such a low place in my life, I was feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and depressed. I was really struggling to define what I really wanted to do in life and financially I was in a very low place. I knew I was meant to be doing something more meaningful but I felt very stuck and lost on how to make it happen.  Since completing Life Purpose Academy, I feel that I know myself at a deeper level,  I feel more confident,  got clarity on what I want to do and I’m in a much better place financially. For the first time in my life I know my life purpose and I’m fully committed to fulfilling it!
― Claudia Maxwell
"Tricia is a very warm and energetic coach! Talking to Tricia instantly raised my energy levels and made me feel cared for. She is a great listener, and being coached by her was an uplifting experience."
― Aaliah
Very understanding woman. Non-judgmental and supportive. She is professional and very good at what she does ;)
― Alexander G.
Meredith brings a powerful combination of warmth, expertise, strong intuition, and authentic curiosity to her coaching. Her realness and infectious enthusiasm immediately made me comfortable and allowed me to break down my own boundaries so I could focus on my growth. Her unwavering belief in the potential of all people helped me push myself to better align with my purpose. She’s amazing!
― Lisa Knight
My sessions with Tiffany have been, uplifting, motivating and has helped me with my relationships tremendously! When I first received her services I was single and dating, I am now happily married and have sought out her guidance on several occasions! I would highly recommend her services!
― Gina M.
Career Coaching; leadership Coaching; Talent Development & Selection
* I am an inter-cultural communication trainer. I have worked professionally in international corporations in Australia, Canada, China, Taiwan, the U.K., and am currently based in San Diego, California. I have worked with expats in C-suite & manager positions at Uniliver, Novartis, Roche, Crown Relocations, just to name a few. * I am a leadership coach. i have worked with C-suite individuals at BMS, Alcon, San Diego County Administration, among others. * I am a career coach. My clients are entrepreneurs, people who look for career transition or a desired specific lifestyle.
Elysia lives an empowered life. That attracted me to her practice. I wanted to learn the techniques she uses to navigate feelings and challenging life experiences. She shared grounding exercises for those times when I need to center myself. She taught me how to refuel my spirit when my energy is low. Call her.
― Christy Beck, CEO of Model Environment
Communication, Relationships (All), Business Start up, Health, On-line Trading, Career, Spirituality.
I hold two degree's (B.A., M.A.) & L.P.H.A., in Psychology, I have worked in the private, public, and governmental sectors, providing my Psychotherapy skills, knowledge and experience. Coaching is different, in that as a coach we do not engage in dealing with past psychological trauma's (ie. abuse) or drug addiction. Coaching is about the "Here & Now" and a goal or result you wish to create in the future.
Health and Mindset coaching, PTSD, Substance Abuse, depression and anxiety.
I own my own business Mission Strength as well as a health food franchise. The focus of Mission Strength is to help reveal and clear your hidden sabotaging patterns, clear your blocks and create better strategies, new behaviors and healthier habits. Mind. Body. Soul. I'm trained in CPT (Cognitive Processing Therapy for Trauma) and Seeking Safety for substance abuse/trauma as well as many other treatment modalities. I offer Telehealth (skype/phone/email), night and weekend appointments.
I had no idea how lost I was! I just knew that all was dark and I was feeling so lonely! I felt like I am in charge of everything : my family, myself, my work. I could not let anyone help me because no one was as good as me! Kathy helped me restore the balance in my life! I was able to DELEGATE and that saved my life! She is peaceful, calm, and can bring clarity to the mess in your mind! I highly recommend her program on restoring your life.
― Dana B.
Let's see if we fit... are you a nice guy? Are you stuck in your career ? Is your relationship feeling passionless? Do you have bad boundaries? Do you have feelings of inner shame? Do you struggle with dating? (are you always in the friend zone?) Do you have dreams and goals, but no idea how to get to them? Are you constantly talking down to yourself? Are you afraid others will see and know how flawed you are? Do you entertain as a way to cover up your inner awkwardness? You might be a Nice Guy and I can help. But even if you don't check all of these boxes, I know I can help you. As a person who has had a rewarding creative and business career, I would be honored to help you achieve all your dreams.
I help nice guys become passionate men. As a No More Mr. Nice Guy coach, I have been down the road of "the nice guy" and recovered from it. I am also an experienced recovery (12 step) coach and help folks struggling with emotional sobriety. Whether your goal is the perfect life partner, a career you look forward to doing, or just to get clear on who you are and what you are about - my style of coaching will help you.
Communication, Achieving Personal Goals, Business, Relationships, Productivity
Gretchen is a female coach based in Sherman Oaks, United States, with credentials from the international coaching federation. Gretchen specializes in Communication Skills, Personal Growth, Self Confidence, has experience working with clients in the following positions: Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, High Potential Employee, Teams and Groups, and speaks the following languages: English. Their business clients come from the following sectors: Communications, Entertainment, and Media, Education, Government and Public, Hospitality and Leisure, Professional and Financial Services, Technology. Gretchen has Prior Experience Delivering Coach Skills Training to Managers and Leaders
"In a word, Ashley is divine. She hones in on your experience, helps you to feel what each experience is, and helps you to articulate those feelings. From there, clarity! Purpose! Pathways! She really is marvelous. Prepare for an interesting conversation that will honestly lead you somewhere further than where you're at."
― Em L.
“Amelia is truly one of a kind when it comes to life-purpose coaching. She has an intuitive way to get to the root of your soul and help you enhance your life, all while helping you connect with your deeper self. I highly recommend her services, as I tremendously value my sessions with her. She has (and is still continuing to) guided me in several aspects of my life, and I can’t thank her enough for her insight. She’s truly one of a kind, and I know you will feel the same way once you go through her coaching program!”
― Alyse M.
Personal coaching, Business coaching, Team building, Executive coaching **Choosing a path, uncovering hidden blocks and moving past them, propulsion systems, getting clarity - and getting on with life!
Special skills in uncovering blocks and moving past them Master Practitioner - NeuroLinguisticProgramming Hypnotist/Hypnotherapist
If you're looking for a game changing advisor, look no further than Lea. I've learned over the years that her services are more valuable than those of the typical financial advisor: she is connected to everyone, is savvy regarding personal and corporate financial matters, ad will inspire you to do the things to help you achieve personal and financial success. When entrepreneurs take on massive markets, critics line up to tell them it can't be done. Marc (and Lea) not only says it can be done, but that it will be. He's (and she's) one of the most positive, genuine people i've met.
― Bryan Copley, CEO & Co-founder at CityBldr
Parenting issues, parents of children with special needs, autism, anxiety, depression, fitness, relationships, health and wellness, self-image
For those needing life coaching,Ive had over 7 years experience as a psychotherapist working with children, teens, young adults, adults, and families. I also have over 5 years experience working in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) helping children and families impacted by autism and developmental disabilities. For those interested in fitness I have recently experienced my own weight loss transformation. I have consulted with dozens of fitness experts, nutritionists, and supplement experts to achieve my desired results. I am currently completing my personal training certification program, with a speciality in fitness nutrition and behavior change. These specialities allow me to fine tune your program and help keep you motivated to change not only your habits, but change your life!
I specialize in matters pertaining to sex, love, and relationships. If you are feeling stuck, unsure, frustrated, or stressed about the things going on in your life right now and you want to do something to make it better, I would like to help. I have over 20 years experience working as a counselor and life coach. I have helped clients with a wide range of subjects including stress & anxiety, relationship issues, career challenges, sexuality & gender identity issues, and self-esteem & self-love deficiency. My coaching style is warm and engaging. Others describe me as a good listener, smart, creative, able to think outside the box, a good sense of humor, and most of all: completely non-judgmental. I am business-minded, and spiritually-minded. I like to get to the root of the problem in a direct yet gentle way. I have great respect for those who seek help to grow and improve their lives, as you are doing. I believe in treating others with kindness, sensitivity, and compassion. Thank you for being here, and for reviewing my profile. I am here to support and empower you, and I look forward to working with you! [A quick note about my availability: I visit this chat room once each day Monday through Friday and respond as quickly as I can. I am generally away from the office on the weekends, specifically on Sundays where I don't have access to my computer.]
Organized and practical advise for finding one's way through cloudy situations. Breaking down complicated problems into manageable, bite-size pieces that lead to success. Empowerment - becoming stronger, more clear, more direct in communication with others.
Health and Wellness Coaching Life Coaching Mindfulness Coaching Stress Reduction Coaching Personal Coaching Vision Coaching Self Development Coaching
My Background: Founder of a Nonprofit Spiritual Counselor for over five years Self Published Author Coaching for the Past Fifteen Years in corporate, personal, and religious environments. Professional Dancer for five years

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