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I’ve got a new attitude, a higher vibration and a new way of moving in the world! Thank you Kimberly McGinnis for your enlightened guidance last night! xoxo
― Beth O'Dell, Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner
When I started working with Harlan, it was to assist me in the progression of starting a new business.I didn't realize that my behavior patterns were affecting both my professional life as well as my personal life. While exploring and committing to make the best of one, I was gifted with improvement in all aspects of my life. I finally feel I am who, and where I should be. It is such an overwhelming and liberating feeling. Harlan provided the tools, support and encouragement necessary to unblock my negative perceptions and energy and eliminate my limiting beliefs. He also provided a safe, non-judging, compassionate, and insightful environment that allowed me to explore, experiment, and discover who I was truly meant to be, and I cannot thank him enough!
― Tanya H.
Karah facilitated leadership training for my staff in two different organizations over the last four years. She facilitated two different sessions for fire officers in Vail, and two different sessions for executive staff and fire officers in Loveland, Co. The leadership training centered around development of, and understanding of, our personal core values, strengths, calling in life, and understanding and developing a purpose statement that incorporates all the aforementioned aspects. Karah has amazing insight in regards to leadership development, what drives leaders, and what it takes to live to your full potential as a leader and human being. She incorporates humor, as well as a depth and breadth of experience, including her own personnel leadership journey and challenges she has faced that have shaped her character. Karah is approachable, relatable, an encourager, mentor, and facilitates large or small groups with confidence and ease. My staff/employees loved Karah and we look forward to doing more leadership development with her in the future. I highly recommend Karah for leadership development, whether it be for you or your employees!
― Mark M.
I’ve really seen a lot of growth in myself while working with Becky toward goals for my life. Her ability to listen has produced a discovery of cognitive content which has made me see things completely different for the first time in my life and learn to listen to myself. I ALWAYS felt grounded and confident after a coaching session. She is thoughtful and has great insight and intuition. THANKS Becky!
― Kris A.
Happiness Coaching Personality Type Coaching Transition Coaching Relationship Coaching Dating Coaching Transformation Coaching Communication Coaching Life Purpose Coaching Career Coaching
I have a background in the arts, and using this knowledge, coupled with my experience with life coaching, I have created a unique method that uses basic elements of the arts to enhance your surroundings, leading to a happier lifestyle almost immediately. My method starts from the base level need (to be happier) and then works backwards to continue solving problems. Instead of working through the hardest problems right away, first I will teach you how to start creatig happiness (your goal!) and then as your mood and outlook improve, we continue to work through the bigger root issues to create lasting happiness.
Joseph and I met at a talk on longevity at the Aspen Ideas festival last year; being on the other side of seventy I really wanted to make sure I was taking care of my mind, body, and spirit as I got older, I had a good idea of what to do and my diet was pretty good, but Joseph helped me to create a simple supplement plan along with a few tweaks to my diet and lifestyle that my doctor really agreed with. I am now confident that I will have a great quality of life for decades to come.
Sexuality, acceptance, anxiety, life transition
Alternative sexuality: BDSM, Kinks, fetishes, AB/DL, open relationship styles such as swinging, polyamory or designer relationships. Helping with understanding and acceptance of unique sexual expression, educating a partner and blending unique desires into an existing relationship. Anxiety: teaching ways to manage anxiety and keep it under control Life transition: helping to manage the stress of various life transition and bring acceptance and decision making when you feel overwhelmed and paralyzed in decision making.
To say that Beth was tuned into and open to what I needed ...does little justice to what Beth brought. Grounded into meditative practice, ...soul nurtured, body adjusted, mind and heart awoken. Gratitudegratitudegratitude.
― Malcolm, North Melbourne, Australia
Embody and align with your higher self, follow your deepest longing, integrate mind, body and spirit. Find safety in the body. Inhabit who YOU truly are, inspite of all the overwhelming advice from outside sources. Uncover your intuition. Discover and SURRENDER to what feels right to you.
Somatic Experiencing Mindfulness & Awareness practices Polarity Two-Chair / Parts Work Access Consciousness Nervous system regulation - recognizing the signs of dis-regulation and experience in coaching to ease anxiety, reduce the freeze-state and relieve depression or general stress. T Group Facilitation ("T" for Sensitivity "Training) - a present-moment relational awareness practice. The methods of communicating in this practice have enhanced connection in relationships of all types - romantic, familial, business, etc. Buddhist Meditation, retreat with Frank Berliner in January 2018 Trauma release - physical pain and PTSD can be relieved with somatic coaching
I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for a truly clarifying experience. Your ability to see my situations from all directions never freaking fails to blow my mind! I have a very specific spiritual path, and while it’s sometimes hard to maneuver, your ability to see clearly the higher spiritual realms and facilitate next level healing is truly a gift. Thank you so much! I look forward to many more years of working with you!
― Marilyn P., Colorado USA
Someday we will find what we are looking for. Or maybe we won't. Maybe we will find something much greater than that." - Unknown Hey you, yes you. Youve got something in mind...a change. Let me help guide you toward making that change for yourself. I use an array of core therapeutic skills to provide coaching services that make you feel heard. I work with 1-on-1 clients in 30 minute or 60 minute sessions using: Strength-Based approaches Motivational Interviewing techniques Client-Centered therapeutic techniques
Romantic Relationships Life Transitions Spiritual Guidance: using transpersonal psychology perspectives Mindfulness meditation: for stress management Sexual Exploration &/or Gender Roles
Intuition, spirituality, healing, energy balancing, awakening, transformation, connecting with Higher Self/soul and getting guidance, Angel messages/healing, teaching energy tools to help people raise their vibration, soul purpose, awakening to divine feminine helping women to awaken and be free, relationships, work, health, money, abundance, & more.
Communicate with Higher Self. soul, angels, ascended masters and receive guidance. identify person's blocks and help them clear, energy balancing. Clairvoyance, read person's Akashic Record to get some information about soul's journey, understand each person in all levels (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) , help each person to connect with heart and who she is, help SHIFT CONSCIOUSNESS.
Coaching managers in the technology industry as well as best practices around Product Management and Design Thinking
Agile Methodologies, Product Management, Project Management, Design Thinking, Managing Technical Teams.
Clear, concise, flexible, organized. Capacity to embrace unique and unforeseen challenges. Mature business coach.
― Byron Schramm
Family Life Coaching, Women Coaching. I want to help you set your goals for yourself, your family, and create a vision statement.
Parenting, Goal Setting, Academic Achievement, Relationships, Communication
I specialize in reframing your situation and helping you take the small steps it takes to move forward. I will recognize your humanity, the struggles you face, and help you learn to face what you need to do to get to the life you want. Then I will support you in taking action to get there, no matter how difficult that may be.
ADD / ADHD Rejection Therapy Logotherapy - Finding meaning in life Addictions Mindfulness
AREAS OF EXPERTISE Ask me about career advice Ask me about how to brand and market yourself to employers Ask me about higher education Ask me for advice on your startup Ask me anything; I'm here to listen and provide recommendations for your to improve in these areas: IT Security, Principles of Information Security, Incident Management, Bowling, Golf, Running, Career Path SKILLS Technical Leadership, Advanced networking, Business development, Counseling for higher education, Cloud Computing, Information Assurance

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