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The results were amazing... I cannot speak highly enough of the professional and completely thorough approach Maggie takes when working with a person. The results were amazing. I went from one response a month from potential clients to three a week! The Santa Barbara area is known as an extremely difficult place to build a private practice. Within one month of the changes Maggie suggested, I needed to create a waiting list. I recommend Maggie and her help without reservation. Dr. Judith St.King President Hope Counseling Center, Santa Barbara
― Dr.Judith St. King
Working with Adam was one of the best decisions ever. He worked to help me with cope with anxiety, stress, mental blocks, fear of the future, etc, and I became much more confident, happy, and less anxious during our work together. He helped me gain clarity for setting my goals and setting up my objectives to accomplish, which helped me be more productive without really any more physical effort. We worked to map out how to structure my time, deal with conflict, and handle multi-tasking through various efficient ways. I couldn't ask for more, Adam is amazing!
― george p.
"Working with Adjanys has honestly been life-changing and I am only 7 weeks into a 12 week program. Just during this short period of time, I have manifested a visible advance in my career (woooo travel to LA), more fulfilling and meaningful friendships, more self-love and confidence, clarity into next steps in the pursuit of my passion, and just feeling so much happier, clearer, and aligned more than ever before. It’s been phenomenal. And I’m just getting started."
― Beryl, NYC
Sanil was very helpful in helping me establish a consistent writing habit. He has enabled me with the motivation and ideas needed to push me to commit to a daily writing habit that I look forward to continuing.
― Blaze
The work we've done together has by far been the best and most important thing I've done for my business and family. You've helped me wrap my head around what it takes to go from being self-employed to actually running a business. There's still much work to be done but without your guidance I never would have the scope to see where to focus my time and energy. Thank you for righting the ship!
― Guy B. ~ Trainer & Fitness Center Owner. (Santa Rosa, CA)
Did you know that success starts with being happy? That's right. Those for whom happiness is a trait (not just a state) are better equipped to find success than those for whom happiness is just a momentary event. Welcome to the path of Success. Are you interested in Hardwiring Your Brain for Resiliency? By learning a few small positive interventions, you can create sustainable, long-term positive change in your life and work. There are many ways to raise your happiness baseline and adopt a more positive mindset. I am talking about capitalizing on your brain's capacity for change and reaping the benefits. I know I would be of great service to you if you are interested in these goals: * overcoming obstacles, * reversing bad habits * becoming more efficient and productive * making the most of opportunities * achieving your most ambitious goals * reaching your full-potential in life and in work If that's you, then I would love to help you reach these goals through coaching! Eddie Grassi Life Coach, Teacher
Since my passion is helping you achieve lasting fulfillment in both your personal and professional life, I am a strong follower of positive psychology. We work together as a team to maximize your potential for success. I am always here to support you but will challenge your assumptions if I think you are not acting in your best interest. Positive psychology s an approach to counseling which empowers people to achieve their goals by developing their inherent inner skills which can go unnoticed and undiscovered for years. The good news is that our brain can change it's shape and literally develop new muscle matter or neurological pathways to override old and ineffective settings where we feel as though all we can do is react to things negatively. In my sessions, regardless of your objective, we will build in these areas: * confidence * calm * motivation * determination * compassion * love I like to help people practice techniques and exercises that I know others experts before me have practiced to enable people to retake control of their life again by discovering these inner strengths.
Business, Life, Retirement, Weight Loss, Spiritual, Wellness, Team Development, Stress, Relationship, Financial, Sales, Marketing, Writing, Leadership, Performance, Communication, Depression, Career, Wealth, Academia, Health, Personal, Mindfulness, Arts, Fitness, Nutrition, Executive, Transitions, Goals, Self Growth & Development, Image, Family Coaching.
I am thankful for my wonderful life as a result of overcoming frustrating circumstances, adversity, suffering, and trauma. I have lived in many parts of Northern California, have had the privilege to help many others bring out the best in themselves, and I am a constant cheerleader in the pursuit of their life goals. Life coaching is one of the most important purposes in my life.
Throughout my life I have been a victim's advocate, and have supported family members and loved ones in severely distressing times. I have both a personal and academic insight into helping survivors of violent crime. I am keen on guiding survivors to find their voice, speak up, and demand their right to be heard. In addition to victim advocacy, I have played a large part in helping others achieve their personal goals related to dating and relationships, marriage and communication, stress management, weight loss, self help mentoring, spiritual counseling, and gaining and achieving self-confidence, I love learning from others, in my pursuit in helping clients survive and thrive. Lets tackle whatever you seek to change for the positive in your life. I look forward to getting to know you as a friend, and to offer support with whatever comes your way!
Roxanne Davidson is an excellent Coach. I was having numerous family and ADD problems. She helped me realize that I was not the cause of my Family’s problems and how to handle it better. We made a plan of 4 months to work on this and my ADD/ ADHD which was making it so hard to focus. Through that 4 months I really practiced everything I was taught and am doing much better. I still have some problems with my family but have gotten through so many. My ADD/ADHD is a lot better and I am able to focus more on everything. I still have some work to do. Roxanne and I have made another plan to get everything even better. I would completely recommend Roxanne, she is an inspirationL and incredible Coach. Sheila M
― Sheila M.
Relationships, divorce, dating, weight loss and fitness
I have worked with individuals transitioning to a new job, new love interest, through divorce and marriages. I have worked with clients on dating and changing behaviors to be more open to new experiences. I have researched these areas extensively. I am passionate about these topics and love to see my clients prosper and start anew!
Speciality in Dating and Marriages! Tailors the coaching program to the individual and situation! The author of Look with Your Eyes, not with Your Mouth.
Business Executive I can't say enough great things about Wanda! She is amazing. Not only is she an awesome mentor, she is a ray of light! She genuinely cares about you, and your success. She will help you achieve your goals, and will cheer for you along the way! She has helped me in so many ways. I am forever grateful!
― Jennifer Berry recommends Wanda Peyton
Wellness and Life Skills Coaching Transition Coach Confidence Coach Stress reduction Coaching Career Coaching Relationship Coach Are you struggling to find a manageable balance in your life? Do you want to make progressive changes but feel stuck, scared or lack confidence in your abilities? Together we can work it through!
RESULTS & GOALS A manageable balance between work and personal life. Increased confidence in your abilities and skills to make your goals come to life faster. Help you develop business plans, choose or change careers that are a better fit for your personality and skills. Maintain stable but exciting relationships with your loved ones. Heal from past experiences that are limiting your potential today and holding you back. Delete limiting self-doubts about your qualities and abilities. Learn to be assertive and have a leader mentality to help you achieve your goals. Change bad habits for good habits that contribute to your success. Master the skill of a smooth transition in all areas of life. Get in touch with your best self and let the best of you shine. Open new possibilities, take new opportunities. SEND A MESSAGE TO REQUEST A FREE 60-MINUTE VIDEO SESSION
"True and genuine expertise is a rare thing. Couple that with kindness and compassion – you realize the embodiment of brilliance! Have you ever met someone who absolutely embodies the traits that you normally associate with a given profession? Teachers that understand the real nature of teaching. Leaders who fearlessly demonstrate by example Counselors who can quickly identify the essence of one’s struggle and clearly see its source Behaviorists that have studied human nature and appreciate the fascinating mechanisms our minds construct to weave ourselves through the maze of life Experts who understand not only how to achieve excellence but to relate the lessons to others. Find these qualities in just one person and you are in the presence of greatness. I have been so blessed! I KNOW that my work with Hunter Phoenix has just begun to unlock my full potential towards significant personal and professional freedom. Be forewarned – she is not for the faint of heart as her methods require the kind of courage that demand complete honesty with oneself. Nor does she shy away from the fearful child, ever exploring the depths and dark crevasses of those scary dark places where one hides. But the rewards are great – for through these struggles, one finds absolute freedom. To thine own self be true. With Hunter Phoenix as my coach, I know that my life and business have greater potential well beyond any dream or hope I have had before. Her name says it all. She has the tenacity of a Hunter when looking for and working through the blocks that are preventing me from realizing the full essence of my absolute true self – a Phoenix. If you are planning on working with a coach, and are willing to do whatever it takes to be your very best, you are ready for Hunter! When the student is ready, the teacher arrives. Thank you Hunter!” Cornerstone Business Technologies
― Rob Thompson
Dr. John, thank you for coming out and doing the seminar. We look forward to working with you again.
― Verizon Wireless
There are rare meetings in our lives, when we meet someone very special. When Jim and I met, I knew firstly that he had uniquely effective qualities that would take him to the peak of his profession, and secondly, I learned enough travelling with him across the our nation for several days, that I wanted to watch his very special qualities unfold, and at the same time make him a lifelong friend. Jim Cathcart is a remarkable man which you will discover when you meet him.
― Ian Brown, Director of Agent Development, Centruy 21, Canadian Real Estate company
I specialize in helping smart, single men master the art of dating. Whether it's perfecting your online dating profile, helping you plan the perfect first date, or helping you to avoid the friend zone, I can help you find your perfect partner.
UCBerkeley graduate. 10+ years experience working as a health and wellness coach. Completed 100 date experiment in 2011 and 2012.
Life Coach, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Behavior, Time Management, Law of Attraction
Experiences Life Coach in Israel Events to speak to an audience 1 on 1 coaching
Money Beliefs, Behaviors, and Challenges / Retirement Lifestyle Planning and Challenges
I'm a Certified Money Coach (CMC) and a Certified Professional Retirement Coach. I help people with issues around money beliefs, behaviors, and challenges (i.e., communication, earning, spending, other patterns of behavior) through Money Coaching. I am also a Certified Professional Retirement Coach, helping those who are approaching or in retirement and wondering if there is more to "retirement life" than they are experiencing, focusing on the facets of spirituality, mental and physical health, financial concerns, and social networks -- a very holistic and introspective experience.
Life/purpose coaching, Early Professional Launch Coaching, Creativity & Career coaching
I have a background in mental health and was a psychotherapist prior to leaving to focus on coaching. As a clinician, I have certifications in Dialectic Behavioral Therapy which is a theory that combines Mindfulness with Behaviors/Thoughts. Prior to personal development, I worked for numerous tech start-ups in market research and business development so I understand the business world quite well. I have training in Neuro-linguistic Programming[NLP] and use imagery work to help my clients retrain their brains to think in a more resourceful and positive style. well as Really though, my true experience comes from failing a million times and getting up million times + 1. My ability to empathize and understand the human condition comes from my own struggles and the work I have done to reframe my past in a way that catapults me forward. I consider my life a 'Fortunate Series of Overcorrections' and can work with you to change your mind
I have been seeking career advice from Doni ever since I entered the working world. From helping me build my resume to land interviews, to conducting mock interviews before the real thing, to guiding me through difficult but crucial conversations in my current position, Doni has always been and continues to be one of my most valuable career resources. I would highly recommend Doni to anyone and everyone looking for an experienced, knowledgeable, patient and effective career coach. Take it from me – if you implement Doni's advice, you are certain to see results.
― Avi S.
I LOST 30 LBS! – Evelyn is a wonderful hypnotherapist who truly cares about her clients. As an only ‘partial’ believer in complementary treatments, I felt reassured at our first visit when she presented her ideas in a very rational, reasonable way. After several more visits, I came to know her as incredibly thoughtful, insightful, and compassionate person. I also consider her very ethical and trustworthy. Overall, we had several sets of sessions that helped me understand my motivations and blocks to achieving my goal, and as a side effect really reduced my stress for days afterward … I definitely recommend Evelyn as a valuable help to anyone who is considering hypnotherapy whatever their goals may be. *
― Tina Olmstead
-Productivity -Organization -Health & Fitness =Business -Career -Personal Goals -Stress Management -Personal Improvement
Experience running my own successful businesses (Real Estate & MMMotivate) Worked at several large fortune 500 companies, with experience on the the application process. Attended 2 prestigious private colleges, with experience on the application process. 4 years of fighting cancer, including 4 major surgeries, dozens of scans, over one hundred lab draws, several missing organs, 3 failed types of targeted chemotherapy and over 20 rounds of successful targeted chemo therapy, after all this I have extensive experience in knowing how to dig deep and to stay positive
Career, Business, Sales, Leadership
? Marketing ? Product strategy ? Team Building ? Negotiations and Contracts ? Pricing and Renewals ? Public Speaking ? Strategic Planning ? P&L Responsibility ? Cross Functional Collaboration

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