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I always look forward to my weekly session with Vina. She is honest and forces me to think about things I wouldn’t normally consider as a man. She draws from her own active expiriences and offers as realness about progress. She is compassionate and wise beyond her years. She is the best kept secret in the area. Aaron Hockland, VP
― Aaron Hockland, VP
executive, spiritual, health
Executive Coaching -- Building intentional executive leadership for 27 years by focusing C-Suite executives, Presidential appointees and Senior Executive Service (US Federal government) on the outcomes they want; 22 industries, federal, state, local governments, non-profit, not-for-profit. Transformational coaching of FEMA executives after Hurricane Katrina, NASA Headquarters, cross-federal government projects (134 agencies) as well fast-growth entrepreneurial executives, physicians, and non-profits. Author two books on leadership, author of cover articles of Family Practice Management magazine, writer for twice-monthly business newspaper column, and writer for many publications. Health Coaching -- Certified Health Coach for adults in second half of life who have plans for what they'd like to do and want to make sure their bodies will allow them to do so. Focus on motivating to mitigate challenges of common chronic diseases, such as diabetes, prediabetes, heart disease, hypertension, stroke, autoimmune, and other inflammatory diseases. Use lifestyle, exercise, attitude, and nutrition to create the intention for health. Pantry makeovers, smart shopping trips, smart cooking lessons, healthy dinner party options, in addition to one-on-one sessions. Spiritual Coaching -- Kay has been called the world's leading thinker on intention and has been working for 25 years to support executives and individuals to align their lives with their intentions by connecting them deeply with what they "came here to be." Author of four books on bringing spirituality to daily life, including The Game Called Life, she has been known for her three-day, one-on-one Intentional Living Intensives; hourly sessions available with packages preferred. This is very deep work and requires a commitment on client's part.
I am feeling in a MUCH better space. I am noticing that I can be present in situations where I would have reacted or been upset and I can feel a wonderful sense of calm. I am also more aware of what energy I want to be in my family life and in each moment.
― Carole Mitchell, South Africa
Health and wellbeing for foreign professionals living in the United States. Skin concerns (esp. acne and aging). Healthful yet delicious world cooking.
For over 20 years, I suffered from severe acne, which no medications helped. None of the many doctors I met ever alluded to the possibility that food might be the culprit; not their fault really, since nutrition was not taught at all in medical school. Eventually, I realized that a certain food group (dairy in my case) was the root cause of my incessant breakouts. At the age of 31, I was emotionally scarred but finally got rid of my teenage acne. While I worked as an international trade manager, my colleagues often sought my advice both for healthy cooking and for living a more balanced life. I was working as hard as they were, but stressing less and always taking lunch breaks and vacation. Fast forward a couple of decades: one of the reasons I became a health and wellness coach is to help individuals identify what foods and other "nourishments" are possibly undermining their health but also what food- or non-food related choices are preventing them for reaching their maximum well-being. Are you ready to reach your full potential?
Life, Career, Small Business & Goal Coaching.
I have over twenty years of experience in Human Resources, recruiting, employee development, training and management. Im a successful entrepreneur, having recently sold two businesses. I am a Certified Master Life Coach, Life Purpose, Happiness, and Goal Setting Coach through the Transformation Academy and a Certified Master NLP Practitioner through the Scottish Center for NLP. Im currently studying with the World Coaching Institute and plan to become ICF (International Coaching Federation) certified upon completion.
My expertise is guiding executives and leaders through obstacles to achieve their aspirations.
I bring a wealth of practical knowledge to my coaching through my experience in public service, spanning three decades, three countries, and three executive agencies. I served nine years in the senior executive service leading complex organizations, with specific expertise in leadership and human resources,

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