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I’ve got a new attitude, a higher vibration and a new way of moving in the world! Thank you Kimberly McGinnis for your enlightened guidance last night! xoxo
― Beth O'Dell, Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner
When I started my 90 Day Program with Coach Tim I was in bad shape and feeling stuck and defeated about what I was doing in life. On top of it my fiance' and I had just gotten engaged and started planning our wedding when she was laid off so we were really down. The tools that I acquired while working with Coach Tim allowed me to see where I was failing and gave me the tools and confidence I needed to turn my entire way of thinking around. Working with Tim made me not only a better, happier person but also a stronger partner. It made such a positive change in me that my fiance' signed up soon after and our 10 year relationship is stronger than ever!
― Will S.
Happiness Coaching Personality Type Coaching Transition Coaching Relationship Coaching Dating Coaching Transformation Coaching Communication Coaching Life Purpose Coaching Career Coaching
I have a background in the arts, and using this knowledge, coupled with my experience with life coaching, I have created a unique method that uses basic elements of the arts to enhance your surroundings, leading to a happier lifestyle almost immediately. My method starts from the base level need (to be happier) and then works backwards to continue solving problems. Instead of working through the hardest problems right away, first I will teach you how to start creatig happiness (your goal!) and then as your mood and outlook improve, we continue to work through the bigger root issues to create lasting happiness.
After selling my company to a large corporation, I continued to direct my business unit for sales and marketing. I was struggling to grow business with a very large and diversified sales force and really needed help. I contacted Georgie who helped me develop a sales plan that was action based with defined outcomes. The plan was very clear about resources required and accountability elements for all responsible roles. This plan was well received by everyone in our organization and helped bring everyone together to work on a common goal. It also had the unexpected result of helping me improve a rather tenuous relationship with my new boss! Thanks Georgie!
― W.P.
Health & Wellness Coaching, Weight Loss Coaching, Nutrition, Fitness, Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, Whole Health Coaching, Chronic Disease Management
Stephanie understands that knowing what is healthy for us does not always translate into carrying out these good habits in every day life. Using research based coaching techniques, she will help you uncover your own unique internal sources of motivation while customizing an action plan to get you on track towards to your health goals.
Hello, My name is Ivy, Im a certified Life Coach helping you find more balance in your life and get empowered to step into your best self. I help my clients find passion abd purpose in thier life, connect with their true calling, reduce stress and let go of limiting beliefs and patterns that are no longer serving them.
Having worked in the medical field for 20 years, I understand people and have a great passion for helping others. I majored in human services in college and have studied self develpment and holistic modalities for the past 20 years. I love any book that focuses on self develpment and personal growth.
Dave has been integral to getting my life back on track! He really cares about his clients and his team based approach to life coaching would be truly beneficial to anyone looking to take their personal self to the next level. I can’t thank him enough for helping put my life and priorities in order while motivating me to get after what it is I truly want out of life.
― Trey Hebron
Coaching managers in the technology industry as well as best practices around Product Management and Design Thinking
Agile Methodologies, Product Management, Project Management, Design Thinking, Managing Technical Teams.
Life and wellness coaching. Habit formation
As a single mother, life coach, and entrepreneur twice over, I know all about parenting, work life balance, managing a household and budget, maintaining healthy relationships, and taking care of one's self while withstanding the whirlwind of life! I've successfully launched and managed two of my own businesses, in addition to having had a successful 15 year career.

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