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“Carolina is a brilliant coach. What stands out to me is that her coaching activates energy inside me that’s been there all along. She is very firm and won’t buy into the old stories. I have so much respect for her approach and that’s why I have chosen her to be my coach.”
― May Hishmeh
I enjoyed my talk with Mitch very much. He made me look at my situation differently and I felt happy and warm inside after talking with him. He is great. I highly recommend him.
― Paniz K.
I feel relaxed because he understands the situation... and after telling him, I don't have the fear. Yes, fear is not real...! Yeah, he is disappointed with that guy, but not with me, he is actually proud of me for telling him. Hey Scott... you are right, because when I made the decision I was really feeling hesitate about it at first... but your wise words have made me think deeply. I feel that my biggest fear was to tell my parents about it, it clouded everything else, I didn’t realize I have not even been thinking... after I told my dad about it, I feel like the heaviness in my head has decreased a lot, just about to the point of not there. And yes, you are right again, I’m sleeping well, I feel so much lighter. This is a good day. because I'm in it! I want to be the girl who is tough mentally and physically. Do lots of adventure without fear.... please guide me so that I can be strong mentally. When shall we talk again?
― D.V.
Michelle is excellent. From the very beginning she was very prompt at answering my initial questions about her services and how she works. She told me how she planned to go about helping me achieve my ultimate goal. She is not judgemental in any way, and can relate to everything you explain to her. If your ready to make better, more positive changes in your life, Michelle is there to help you figure out your feelings and make seemingly hard decisions easier. Since I had sessions with Michelle I now feel less stress and anxiety with the issues I thought I had, especially in my relationships with the people I love, and with myself. I have more sense of calm, and much more happiness in my day to day life. I definitely would recommend to speak with Michelle if you want to achieve the same.
― Nathalie C.
[FB Page] is THE healing place that founder/CEO KellyAnne Herman has built to bring her own special type of magic into the world. As a coach, KellyAnne is deeply connected and devoted to her clients. The universe bent over backward to bring me KellyAnne during my business transition, her spiritual guidance, support, and motivation were pivotal to my success. I was struggling with my worth and value and didn't know if my business the way I wanted it was even possible until she not only encourage me but helped me break through massive income limitations and rediscover my self-value through her self-love/healing lessons and talks. Connecting with her has truly transformed my business. If you're even curious about HER magic I highly encourage you to get on the phone with her and tap into her deep wisdom even once, it will be time well spent.
― Adjanys M.
Years ago I was satisfied enough with my everyday life, successful relationships and when facing a mirror I received in return the image of a good looking woman . But one day I realized that those feelings became to fade. Something was going wrong and I couldn’t know why. Angry thoughts were growing as I discovered I was not satisfied with my usual routines anymore, internal discomforts appeared frequently and even the shape of my body had changed. For the worse. One day, confused with what I had to change to recover my personal good feelings again, I met Paula. She was extremely patient listening and prudently began to ask me details of every aspect of my life, from the past and today, and trying to help me to establish my goals, step by step. Paula designed for me a program that included gradual changes in my daily behaviour, a more healthy way of eating (respecting most of my preferences) and a constant follow up while I was recovering every day a piece of my lost self confidence. It was not a “copy/paste” coaching program, because Paula’s follow up included my comments about very personal reactions to her coaching, modifying something if necessary and sharing my happiness of feeling closer and closer to my goals. I am sure now that I will complete them very soon.
― B.A.B
Intuitive Life Coaching, Work/Life Balance Love/Relationships Mindset Coaching
Certified Life Coaching This coaching is for clients who are looking for their inner self and are open to exploring parts of yourself that have gone unnoticed. This coaching willl provide you with strategies for leading a purposeful life. This coaching will provide with tools and resources to set goals, action steps and achieve whatever you want for your life. Certified Emotional Intelligence Coaching: This coaching is for clients who are looking to create change, Emotional intelligence supports the client in tapping into powerful insight and identifying the motive force to fuel transformation. Clients gain a better understanding of self-management and self-awareness at home and in the workplace What you will gain is a better understanding of how emotions impact motivation and behavior. You will learn : Self-management Self-Awareness Empathy Relationship Coaching This coaching is for clients who are looking for a more enlightened relationship. An enlightened relationship is a relationship where both parties are ready to align with their higher selves. However, not everyone is ready or prepared for that type of relationship. If you are ready to look at yourself deeply, release limiting beliefs and patterns and be open to true love and partnerships this is the coaching for you. You will learn: Understanding of True love vs In Love Breaking Patterns: Warning Signs and Crazy 8 Love and Body Languages in Love and Dating Creating a relationship vision Mindset Coaching This coaching is for clients who have unconscious limiting beliefs that are impacting their perspective that they are not aware of and that could be limiting them. This coaching will allow you to realize that you have the power to control your mind. If you feeling stuck, self-sabotaging, indecisive and feeling out of control this coaching would beneficial to your well-being. You will learn: Awareness Mindset Growth Positive Thinking and Affirmations. Thought Processes Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching this coaching is for clients who are wanting to integrate the mind, body, and spirit with a more balanced flow of energy. This coaching allows the client to rewrite their own story. You will learn : Work/Balance Making the choices that are in your best interest Consistent pursuit of nutrition, exercise, and safety. Constructive and creative use of your mind; Self-awareness and nurturance Asking for and getting what you need. Pranic Healing Tarot and Oracle Card Reading
Accountability, Transformational, Lifestyle, Healing, Spiritual, Health and Wellness Coaching
Leadership & Discipleship with Colleges, Churches, and troubled Individuals. Focused on Overall HEALTH and Wellness, Lifestyle intervention, self-awareness and self discovery either in career, school, or society as a whole for anyone looking for solutions.
Faustine, the two day "Heal Your Life" Workshop you facilitated was truly life changing for me. Even though I started reading Louise Hay's books many years ago, your workshop helped me to integrate Louise's teaching more fully into my life in meaningful ways. I have been on my own conscious spiritual journey for over 15 years and this was one of the best and most meaningful experiences I've had in all that time. It was also apparent that everyone in attendance was deeply engaged and moved at the heart level. -Helen O., former RSI practitioner
― Helen O., former RSI Practioner
Leadership, Time Management, Procrastination, Goal Setting, Delegation, Anxiety, Stress Management, Imposter Syndrome, Women in leadership, Courage, Confidence, Letting go of Perfectionism, Fear of Failure, Change/Transitions, Life Coaching
Women in Leadership: Courage and Self Confidence Management Development: Delegation, Team Coaching, Team Motivation and Goal Setting Transitions and Changes: Laid off, Fired, new opportunity exploration, exploring entrepreneurship Career Coaching: career mapping, job interview preparation and salary negotiations Life Coaching: Stress, Performance Anxiety and Procrastination
Love relationships heartbreaks marriages
I specialize in love relationships family and marriage problems I will walk with you until we walk down the right path
Having Latasha as my Life Coach was the missing piece in my life. My day to day activities include a 370 unit complex and a 45,000 sq. ft. Plaza that I am the Property Manager. Additionally, I hold the Treasurer position in 2 organizations and in 1 of the organization, I’m working with the youth auxiliary. I am very active with my church, I am very involved with my family, that includes 8 active grand kids. How do I do it and stay sane? Answer: LATASHA OLIVER, Holistic Life and Healt Coach. My instructions from Latasha led me to be able to meditate in the mornings, walk 3 times a week, have weekly massages, keep my house in order , eat and drink to enjoy my meals ( not rush like I used to), notice what I eat and how I feel afterwards. I am in tune to what depresses me and/or sabotage . Latasha keeps me on track when obstacles arise. There is no room for failure! Thanks Latasha for helping me learn how to love me and be a better person.
― Yolanda Anthony
If you ask my friends who is the first person to call in the time of crisis they will all come to the same conclusion - call Maria. This is why I chose to do what I do - I didn't pick this career - on contrary this career picked me. I love it! I live for helping others. Falling asleep knowing that I helped another person motivates me to do it more every single day! I will help you to resolve that puzzle that sometimes seems too confusing, complicated and scary when actually all we need is a shift in perspective. On this journey I will be your support and I will give you the right signals at the right time so that we can come together to the desirable destination.
My father used to tell me that I am a great listener - at first since I was very young I was disappointed with that compliment because I didn't understand it and I thought it's irrelevant since in my mind everybody could do that. Later, as I was growing up I have came to realization that this rare skill actually enabled me to help hundreds of people on their way to happiness.
I specialize in helping women ages 18-45 reach their health and weight loss goals so they can look and feel their best without making major sacrifices or uprooting their daily lives.
As someone who has been medically obese before, I understand the negative feelings and struggles that come with wanting to make a change but not knowing where to start. I spent years numbing my feelings with food and alcohol and I came to a crossroads where I decided I would no longer live a life like that even for one more day. When I finally broke free from my addictions, I became passionate about helping others reach their health and fitness goals so they would stop feeling stuck like I was. I am certified as an exercise nutrition coach and have been an expert in behavior change for the past 5 years. My areas of specialty include: Weight loss Healthy eating Increasing exercise/activity Fitness Releasing limiting beliefs
“Tori has an amazing way with words and the Essence of Intuition is felt through her heart in all of her sessions. The gift of her presence and healing power brings you back to the core power, and power that you are. I feel so blessed to have worked with her and watched how her work has positively shifted my relationships and my businesses.”
― Abby
Lynn was absolutely the right executive coach at the right time in my career. Lynn helped me evaluate certain career opportunities and provided helpful feedback in order to position myself for future success. Lynn was also instrumental in suggesting techniques and facilitating the brainstorming of potential solutions to address several important and timely issues related to personnel and resource constraints. Always the consummate professional, Lynn was very pro-active in scheduling our coaching calls and holding me accountable. My sincere thanks to Lynn for her outstanding approach to coaching which had the effect of making each session feel like you were speaking with an old friend who wanted nothing more than to help you.
― Paul Morris International Trade Administration / U.S. Department of Commerce
Life & Empowerment Coaching, Addiction & Recovery Coaching. Relationship Coaching, Career Coaching, Health and Wellness Coaching, Academic Coaching, Life Transitions, Self-Discovery and Stress or Anger Management Coaching.
Life Coaching, Self-Discovery, Career and Academic Coaching, and Addiction and Recovery Coaching. I hold a Bachelors Degree in Counseling and Paychology with emphasis on Addiction and Recovery, as well as 3/4 of my Masters Degree completed in Mental Healy Counseling. I do not do any counseling on this site, however I feel that the knowledge and experience I have as a counselor and coach integrated makes me a unique coach with a deeper understanding of how to best assist my clients, along with an immense tool box of coping skills to assist you throughout your life journey. Transformation starts within. Now is the time to begin to feel happiness, success, and empowerment through Coaching services by Theresa.
This experience has been the best in my life because you have a person that not only listens to you but also helps you to understand what you have to do. At the end of each session, she would always ask you what got from that day’s conversation; that would make me understand why I had to continue in order to obtain best results. I recommend Dioxy as an excellent coach because she is very professional, dedicated, and qualified. I am very thankful to Dioxy for helping me out during my process.
― M. Estrada
Career Coaching
- Four (4) years of professional coaching experience - Ability to administer career assessments and help clients interpret their results - Experienced in helping others navigate their careers and find fulfilling work - Helped clients prepare for interviews with practice interview sessions - Ability to provide professional development training
“Yes, yes, yes!!! Michelle is the person to see when you’re ready to take a grip, and enjoy the ride of life. I have met with Michelle for a few sessions and everything about my life has increased positively! Michelle has a true understanding of the human psyche. I highly recommend Michelle to help you get over those hurdles in life that just seem too high. If it wasn’t for my sessions with Michelle I truly believe I’d be in the same rut.”
― Chris M.
She Helped remind me of my personal power Zelda spoke to and coached me thru one of the worst nightmares a mother could ever experience for her child. I was at a point of almost completely giving up on everything. My brain was numb and I felt my demise was near. She reminded me of my personal power and gave me a few secret tools to use to get on the right track to manifesting what I wanted. I am happy to say that these things are now manifested and I am so happy that Zelda was there when I desperately needed someone to guide me and believe in me when I had felt like the whole world. Zelda is to me - not only a mentor, an inspiration, an educator, a guide, a strong business woman; she is the embodiment of everything women should strive to achieve every day of their lives. She is a role mother to all women; mothers, sisters, aunts, nieces and some men, who could and should benefit from her strides, her history and her dedication to not give up when you have insurmountable obstacles in the way of you achieving you ultimate life goals. Mrs. Zelda Hayes is and should be the template, the example we should all strive to mold ourselves to be. It is a pleasure and honor to be in her inner circle. May God continue to bless her as he has blessed me with her 
― LadySoal-music Artist
" Jorge has the amazing ability to understand people and help them find their way both personally and professionally. Whether you are an organization motivating your staff or and individual looking to vent down a new path, Jorge Aquino os a must!"
― David Mezzapelle, bestselling author of the Contagious Optimism Book Series
Meditation, mindfulness, recovery, spirituality, being a parent, stress, sleep help
Mindfulness meditation, recovery, coaching, dealing with anxiety, healthy lifestyle choices, relationships, workplace communication
Personal Development Coach
Stress & Time Management, Productivity, Anxiety Relief, Pain Relief

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