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Spiritual, Christian, Relationship, Communication, Anxiety
- I have worked with dozens of pastors, missionaries, NGO workers, corporate CEO's and HR managers on several continents as a coach and spiritual director. - My career path, prior to coaching, was in corporate communications. - I have lived and had children on three continents and love to walk people through major life transitions. With my family, we are now living in Alsace, France after having spent 11 years in Kenya. - I am bilingual in English and French, and am happy to coach in either language. - I am comfortable with silence and letting you have time to think.
I worked for 3 years 1/2 with Marie-Odile in her role of Head of HR for EMEA region. Marie-Odile is an exceptional HR Executive with a deep understanding of all facets of HR and business. She is highly respected by her team, executives and the employees in general. She understands the big picture and works hard to achieve company goals and objectives and designs plans and programs to support as a true Team enabler. She interacts very well with employees, executives and board members. She is a definitely a strategic thinker above and beyond her HR function and is extremely hard worker and will be a key contributor to success for any organization at the executive level. I highly recommend her.
Leadership, Cross-cultural, Purpose and Vision, Interpersonal communication
Cross-cultural/industry/level Alignment with life purpose, personal vision, value and strengths Coaching in English, French and Italian 22 years spent working and living in different countries and many more visited for shorter missions.
20 years experience both in HR field and psychotherapy. Professional Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation US. Humanistic approach, based on Human pontentialty endorcemnt and capabilities
Leadership & talent program Menitoring Intercultural Training Expat & family support (france, Midlle-East, north & wast africa countries) Entrepreneurship & Startup facilitator Neuro-Launguistic Program Crises management Conflicts & mdiation expert Transactional analysis Core Quality Model - Ofman Quadrant Hypo-therapist Relaxation Meditation
I had the chance to benefit from Christine talents during our three sessions together. She knows how to put accurate words on confused and complex feelings. I was surprised how much it helped me to think more clearly and efficiently.
― Noemie Weyer

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