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Before being coached by Mae Newsome I was very unhappy with the direction my life and career was headed. I felt very stagnant and complacent. After the coaching I was excited about making some changes in my life, as well as, career. The assessment made me aware of things about myself that I allowed to be suppressed within me. There were things that I thought about doing or wanted to do but wouldn't take the time or set the goals and follow thru with them, which changed after the coaching. It helped me to see my potential things that were always there. It helped me to become more motivated to set goals and follow thru with goals that I set for myself. It changed my overall perspective of myself with my career. I've been applying for positions within the company, as well as, outside for greater opportunities that would challenge me. In my personal life it's changed my way of thinking and my outlook when it comes to what I'm capable of accomplishing.
“I have witnessed Bryan's counsel as authentic and highly valuable, with the student's well being at the center of focus. As a former college professor and parent of two daughters, I will lean on Bryan when the time comes for my children to begin making these decisions.”?
― Mark
"I loved the holistic approach! It's the only way I could be interested in something as "boring" as finances. Cait was warm, engaging, enlightening, and supportive of my unorthodox financial planning. Will definitely recommend this service to friends!" How satisfied were you with our service (out of 5): 5 How likely are you to recommend us to a friend (out of 5): 5
― Allison Richards
Weight loss, health, wellness, fitness, addiction, recovery, self-love, finding your purpose, achieving lasting happiness, relationship support, work/life balance, communication, LGBT+, and more.
Although I coach many different clients with all kinds of needs, I do specialize in what I like to call "Adulting After Recovery." Many of my clients have gone through recovery from addiction, eating disorders, the loss of a loved one, trauma, divorce, among other things. The important part is that they feel that whatever their personal struggle may be, that it has put their life "on hold."
Working with Fausta has been a pleasure. She is an incredibly warm and empathetic listener who brings a genuine curiosity to her work. I especially appreciate her ability to step into my perspective and stay with me as I search for solutions that work for me. I'm reassured by her solid expertise as a trauma therapist of many years, and I am grateful for her wise presence in my life.
― A.N.
Goal Setting and Management, Communication, Relationships, Anger Management, Motivation/Drive, Self-Actualization, Embracing the Suffering, Substance Abuse, Mental Illness, Caregivers, Living with Mental Illness, Family Members with Mental Illness, Finding Purpose and Meaning in Life, Career Counseling, Coping Skills, CBT, DBT, Emotion Regulation, Human Sexuality, Spirituality/ Religion, Meeting Unmet Needs, Toxic Relationships, Professional Skills, Dealing with the Prison System, Suicidal Thoughts, Finding Reasons to Live, Family Therapist, Children/ Adolescent Therapy, Stress Relief, Finding Serenity, Mindfulness and a lot more!
Working with Monique was GREAT!! She helped me to build my resume and helped me to understand what key points to look for when searching for a job. She also gave me helpful interview tips which helped me to land a job. She has been the best to work with.
― Shanna Stegall
Health wellness disease support and prevention,weight control, goal setting, business development, leadership
Over 30 years coaching individuals, families and groups to achieve natural health and wellness, lose weight and keep it off, refine personal goals and reach them and set business goals for success.
Inner Personal Growth Coaching - Single Parenting Coaching
Through a positive elevated approach, my clients find their inner strength to achieve. Discovering any blocks or self-sabotaging traits, I am able to help my clients develop a greater understanding of themselves. Inspiring and motivating you with grace and ease, I will support YOU the client towards YOUR success. My former clients reporting back positive changes and growth in their lives. With my spiritual, wisdom and intuitive skills, any client that is READY to make the COMMITMENT and necessary changes. The sky's the limit for you. Anything worth having is worth working for... If you are ready to do your work I am ready to be your coach to help you move forward towards your goal(s).
My work with Mrs. Cleary has helped me in my personal life. I came out with a much firmer sense of self and a clearer idea of my priorities and relationships with others. I feel like I better understand myself, and I better understand how to handle conflicts. Her work helped me in school, but there was a personal aspect that helped coach me through some tough social situations and gave me the tools to manage future problems. I’ve always been a bit skeptical about life coaching and counseling because the counselors I’ve seen before never helped much, and I was hesitant to talk with Mrs. Cleary about personal things. I honestly never would’ve imagined that working with her would have helped me so much. Understanding how my values and priorities motivate me and how that differs from other people’s values has really helped me to empathize more and better deal with conflict. I think my favorite thing about Mrs. Cleary is that she never treated me as anything less than an equal. There was a clear coach/student dynamic, but she never talked down to me or dismissed anything I said. The whole process was very casual, and it made me feel much more comfortable and open. Also, she always encouraged honesty. I was not expecting for the coaching actually to have an effect on my life or change the way I thought or acted, so the value greatly exceeded my expectations.
― Marissa (17)
Wow!! Okay, so I am a single mom. I was getting some child support but I was really struggling to get ahead. I started doing calls with Jon. He not only helped me shift my thinking and helped free me from depression, but he also guided me in building a work from home business. Now me and my kids want for nothing!! Thanks JON!!!!
― Jennifer Cromm
"Shalese is bold, intelligent and passionate. She motivates and inspires me to embrace all of who I am and go after my dreams no matter how big they are. I've learned a lot from her and am very grateful to have her in my life. She is the perfect coach to help you get what you want and live life on your own terms." -Cameron Airen
― Cameron A.
As a coach I have seen the most success in the areas of personal development and relationships. I also enjoy helping my clients overcome addiction and depressive oppression.
I specialize in realistic life change and development. If you want to figure out not only where you want to be but how to get there I am your coach. I will utilize my skills and experience to build a plan that will be best suited to your personality and lifestyle. I will always shoot straight to the heart of the issues and be with you every step of the way in reaching your goals..
Divorce, Mental-physical abuse, finding your self-worth, family, teens, crisis, workshops
Divorce, starting over, knowing your value and self-worth. Coping skills, Domestic violence, mental abuse, crisis situations, motivate you, referrals, late evening appointments available, weekends.
Life Coaching / Stress Reduction Coaching / Health and Wellness / Weight Loss Coaching
Specialize in Personal and Professional Stress Management, Health and Wellness, which can cause major issues with our bodies, Weight Loss and weight management experience came from prior companies I have worked for, loved it so much and started my company so I can make a difference in their lives.
Parenting, Relationship, Personal Development
Education, Parenting, Teaching, Relationship

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