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It's time to heed your inner voice and claim your power, it is your birthright. How would it feel to live a life of empowerment, freedom and fulfillment? There are principals I learned, created and fine tuned throughout the years which helped me find my soul's purpose at a time when I felt lost. Allow me to walk with you as my guides walked with me. These principals and exercises will allow you to tap into your divine potential to better serve you and your spirit.
I am non traditional in the sense I hear behind the words and read a persons intention on both sides of the spectrum. I share my insight and often the truth we have a hard time seeing. I suggest you come open and ready to uncover your limiting belief systen and patterns holding you back from the life you truly deserve.
Positive Psychology, Shadow Work( Defeating our Shadow) and Spiritual Awakenings

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Emotional Intelligence In Parenting Hosted by Coach Arevik Hayrapetyan Sat Apr 27 at 8:30 am PDT $45 BOOK NOW
Charismatic & Self-Confident. YOU! Hosted by Coach Arevik Hayrapetyan Sat Apr 27 at 10:00 am PDT $45 BOOK NOW
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