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I have rich experience of more than 16 years of working with corporate and business professionals to ensure behaviour modification or skill development. I have worked across more than 28 countries with clients from over 40 nationalities. My assignments have been with clients in one-to-one, small group or large group settings and I am at equal ease in all. My wide array of experience effecting transference and enhancement of management skills, coaching skills, cross-cultural etiquette, communication skills, customer orientation, assertive communication, negotiation skills, influencing skills, feedback giving skills, selling skills, interviewing skills, competency-based assessment workshops, train-the-trainers and team building helps me work as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (INHC), Life Coach and Counsellor with clients from across levels in age, experience, nationality, hierarchy and life conditions.
The coaching sessions in the last six months took me on a quest to look inward and helped me gain on my strengths as well as recognize my limitations in building consistency which has resulted in effective time management. It has not only been rewarding personally and professionally but also filled me with joy as I learnt the art of accepting and loving myself first in order to achieve greater heights.
― Wasi Alam, CARE India
Issues concerning relationship , depression, anxiety, stress, negative thinking
Certified Psychotherapist, Master Practioner Neuro Linguistic Programming, Master hypnotist and a Life coach

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