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My coaching can be described as compassionate honesty with intuitive wisdom. Spirituality is at the base if our very beings and it is everywhere! My goal as a spiritual life coach is to provide you with guidance and clariry from the divine. Why spiritual life coaching? Unlike most traditional life coach sessions every session is different and unique for the individual. I mix empathic, psychic, and healing abilities to provide the steps and guidance you seek.
Time Management, tarot readings, psychic-medium, empathic abilities, love and relationships, career guidance, life guidance, family guidance, social media marketing, branding.
Intuitive Consultant, as a professional Coach, i help client attain the personal growth and transformation that allows them to thrive. I offer additional support by given them a private email address and my private cell phone number. I also provide night and weekend appointments. Sessions are conducted by phone,Internet or in person.
Self esteem building and Confidence buildings

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