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Firstly, thank you for taking the time to look at my coaching profile and consider me as your coach. I believe Im a great coaching match for many clients and I equally recognise that my flavour isnt right for everyone. Id love you to choose me because you believe we could be that great match, to support you in achieving your goals. My intent and promise would be to be totally focused on that for you, support you, challenge you and stretch your growth and learning. If you do chose me as your coach youll find that my profile doesnt read like some coaches and thats because of the blend of experience I bring to my work as an Executive Coach, more about that below. I coach clients that in your world youd describe as elite and at the top of their game all the way through to grass roots. This is because my career has evolved from being the first woman on a joint Fire/Ambulance Station through to working as a director across organisational boundaries and in highly political systems. This makes me pragmatic, determined and astute! Added to that since 2010 I have been running my own coaching practice as a Professionally Qualified Coach (PCC), Coach Supervisor and Coach mentor. I also train Coaches. My expertise is focused on behavioural & performance change in organisations and is best summarised as a tripartite of a) Executive coaching, coach mentoring, coach supervision and training b) Executive & Trustee positions, including active engagement in a range of Senior Leadership activities and c) Senior interim positions focusing on clinical quality, patient care, service development and innovation. So, what you get is a tenacious leader/coach, who is willing and able to challenge the status quo, through both support and challenge. A coach whose success is built upon good relationships and rapport, good listening skills and good questioning skills. A grounded coach with an intent that is always driven by my ambition for your continuous improvement and success. I am very clear that my personal and work values embrace care, compassion, competence, communication, courage, commitment, and consistency. These are all at the core of who I am and what I believe in. I believe in difference, not just equality & diversity but the difference every individual has to offer, meaning everyone has something important to contribute. Clients have described me as an oasis of calm and an alchemist. Some say I frown, thats only because Im listening carefully. I am a robust coach and little fazes me, you can bring anything to the confidential and safe space I create. People I work with often have conversations with me, about themselves and their own impact, these are frequently courageous and could make them very vulnerable in other spaces. Amazing insight and learning comes from this place of honesty. One client said this Lesley is a brilliant coach and supervisor. Her knowledge, professionalism, compassion and wisdom are both challenging and powerful. a winning combination! She is able to hold the space to feel and think, enabling great clarity and understanding to emerge. She helps cut through the trees to see the wood and does so with empathy, integrity and humility. Its a pleasure and a privilege to know her and work with her. Whilst I have a lightness and lots of humility I believe in working hard and having fun. I am very happy to be playful and have humour in my coaching sessions, yet know this is in service of achieving your goals and should not be mistaken for a discount on the importance of the work you will actually be doing. I also believe the environment in which we work aids your learning, so when I work with clients I am happy to adapt to the space they need to maximise this, sometimes its a coffee shop, sometimes a hotel lobby, a private meeting room or even an outdoor session walking. I am a very strong believer that organisations succeed and fail because of people, and are made up of people and therefore success must be based on distributed leadership from the top of the shop all the way through to the shop floor. Every single person plays their part in an organisations success, not just the top team.

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