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"Coaching with Sherrie provided me an amazing and unique opportunity to have someone willing to meet me where I am, and help establish a custom winning game plan to move forward with what I want! Sherrie's custom game plans helped to pull me out of a longtime rut and got me moving back in the direction of my goals. After having to drop out of school, as I was dejectedly shuffling myself through a mindless job, I teamed up with Sherrie and soon we got me moving back in the direction of my dreams at MY PACE."
I am actively working with Ellen. She is lovely and kind, an excellent listener who really wants to understand you as a person so you can reach your goals. I initially hired Ellen for some help with my resume, but went on to find her true value of helping me find the direction I want to go, to establish goals and to look at my career holistically and as part of my life, not in a silo. She is resourceful and professional to a tee. I know that we are on a journey together, and she is invested in me, which feels so good to have a partner to help navigate the path! I would recommend Ellen to anyone looking for some career insight, whether it's resume edits or help figuring out what kind of work will make you happier.
― Lisa Kilhefner
"Evolve or Evaporate!" Hi, My name is Dr. Summer Ewing and I am glad that you have decided that TODAY is the day you chose to evolve. I am an Executive Productivity Coach where I work with professionals and corporations to CO-CREATE and facilitate change to enhance productivity for both personal and professional congruence in their life.
Executive Presence, Life Coaching, Personal Development, Clinical Psychology, Coaching, Psychological Concepts for Human Development
Relationships, Business, Stress/Anxiety
I am an experienced coach in career development and advancement. I've worked in the private sector of the health care industry for 18+ years. I started at entry level and worked on up to Leadership. I have a clear understanding of the challenges that exist in the corporate arena. I'm also very versed in relationships family, friends and love interest. Let me help you build a strong a solid foundation to build the loving kind of relationships you deserve.
I have been coaching and advising people for the past 12 years. An honest feedback that your friends or close family might not share with you. A positive outlook and solution is why you should give me a chance.
Relationship/love/marriage advisor, happiness, spirituality/alignment, personal goals achievement, raising kids, different honest and direct perspective
Self actualization, becoming your true self, health, wellness, weight loss, stress management, depression/anxiety, empowerment.
Relationship, couples, pre-marital, pre-motherhood, mothering, family, and individual coaching

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