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Thank you Jelena for helping me be a better parent. I was so dedicated to my work that I couldn't see where were my mistakes. Thanks to working with you, I gaind the right insight, relationship with my son got much better and I'm happy again!
― Antonella
Sexual orientation, Communication
Sexual orientation. Explore our sexuality and find ways to be comfortable with it. Coping strategies that are based on our very special circumstances. Accepting the different sexual orientations of the people around us, our colleagues, our family , our friends.
Paola has created a pass and worked on it with me during our 3 month contract to help me see what can be possible in my life and career. Her gentle probing and guidance on the pass to self-discovery has helped me become more confident in myself and aware of the resources already available to me. We did some great visualization work, and I have learnt that a visualization approach and visual tools can be very powerful and helpful to come unstuck and see the other options available in the moment. Paola has helped me to find my inner strengths and act more consciously on what is best for me. Now I know how to keep myself accountable and stay on track with my bigger and smaller goals.
― Alevtina K
Do you find yourself... Having difficulty identifying what you like and what motivate you? Thinking that it would be better if one aspect of your personality were less present? With the will to get rid of that inner voice that makes you think about what "you should have done" or "you should do"? Being more critical of you than with others? If you find yourself in, at least, one of these descriptions, a Strengths-based Coaching can definitely help! Thanks to coaching you will: Know your attitudes and sources of motivation Accept the parts of you that you don't like, changing the way you consider them and turning them into strengths Manage your inner dialogue and live daily with a sense of peace and tranquility Love and value yourself instead of criticizing How? During the 1 hour coaching session, I will ask you questions more than give you answers, to allow you finding the solutions which best fit on you, on your way of feeling, acting and thinking. We will meet once a month to give you the opportunity to test yourself and transform your will to change into concrete actions that will progressively allow you to achieve what you want. The sessions will take place online so you can do them in the comfort of your home or in any place you feel comfortable. To allow you to test the coaching tool and understand how we can work together, the first goal setting session (30 minutes) only costs $ 1. Im looking forward to meet you! My Specialties Include: Strengths Coaching Inner Strength Coaching Finding Your Best Self Overcoming Sensitivity Empowerment Coaching Handling Yourself in Social and Professional Conversations Overcoming Vulnerability
My coaching sessions take inspiration from my studies and trainings. I have a master degree in eastern philosophy and I may use any meditation/mindfulness technique. Ive studied and practiced psychosynthesis/positive psychology/strengths philosophy tools with the international coaching school TPC Leadership. I have experience with private clients alla round the world thank to my voluntary commitment in the international ONG Wyse.
Mentoring for Coaches, NLP, Life Coaching, Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs, Lifestyle Coaching,
Im a former Alpine Army Lieutenant, and was grown by two scientists as parents. I speak fluently English, French and Italian.

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