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Michelle is excellent. From the very beginning she was very prompt at answering my initial questions about her services and how she works. She told me how she planned to go about helping me achieve my ultimate goal. She is not judgemental in any way, and can relate to everything you explain to her. If your ready to make better, more positive changes in your life, Michelle is there to help you figure out your feelings and make seemingly hard decisions easier. Since I had sessions with Michelle I now feel less stress and anxiety with the issues I thought I had, especially in my relationships with the people I love, and with myself. I have more sense of calm, and much more happiness in my day to day life. I definitely would recommend to speak with Michelle if you want to achieve the same.
― Nathalie C.
Let me help you with your Spirituality, Life Changes, Relationship bonding, Dating, Personal Crisis, Domestic Violence, Divorce, Trauma, Personal Change, and all of life changing experiences! I offer you a warm, gentle and caring coaching experience... Book today!
Life Coaching Services: * Spirituality * Career Change * Life Crisis * Domestic violence * Motivation Consultant * Relationship * Dating * Make-Over/ Life Changes * How to take control of your life!!! And much more....will take requests!
Relationships, Family, Empowerment, Young Women, Communication, Spiritual, Journaling.
Time management, goal setting, self-development, listening, journaling, health and wellness.
Manifestation, business, communication, entrepreneurship, emotional health, spiritual health, physical health, mental health, financial health
I am a Manifestation Master, and believe that understanding and applying the God given power of manifestation can change every aspect of your life drastically and quickly. I am very personable and direct in my delivery when answering questions, and actively listen to ensure I completely understand all factors that could be impacting a client's situation before I offer my guidance. I aim to partner with my clients so that they feel confident and empowered, with a course of action they can easily follow to improve upon the aspects of their life that are in need of some alterations when our session is over.

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