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Myself, Dr. Sitaram Dhandhania a certified Human Performance Expert from India eager to draw the attention of the highly worried global learners and help them live more healthy, happy, and productive life. 360 Degree Life Coaching Sessions with 100% Money Back Guarantee.? These are 1:2:1 (100% customized) online life coaching sessions with 100% unconditional Money Back Guarantee So if hiring me feels a bit risky, it's probably the fear of change but it can't be fear of losing money. Moreover i love helping deserving people, revenue generation is secondary for me This life coaching is only for physically fit (more or less), senior students / working adults with compelling future vision and who are ready to change Before the Session - I want to know them, Their goals and the problems and challenges they are facing During the Session - I will help them discover the mistakes they are making and will formulate practical strategies towards better life After The Session I would love hearing their feedback Contact For a free discovery session Cheers to health, happiness and productivity for all.!
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Learning and educating is my passion. After worked in government organizations(banking, accounting) I quit the service to pursue my dreams. I began as a freelancer coach in a private coaching institute in Ernakulam, Kerala, India. They offered me a faculty position to train their MBA aspirants in quantitative aptitude, data interpretation, and logical reasoning. I did this for 5 years and switched over to another coaching institute of the similar nature. During this period I had also been doing mentoring and training students personally to achieve their goals at my own institute. At the same time I began writing a book on 'Problem Solving Techniques' for Management entrance tests. Eventually, it was published in Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. Last year this book came out as a paper back in Partridge: GMAT Problem Solving Techniques for Top Score. I also help students through Quora answering( 485 questions answered so far) Besides I use Facebook to help my students. In addition, I answer questions in GMAT club too.

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