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I must confess, I was skeptical of Life Coaches and Spiritual Coaches. I couldn't have been more wrong. Connect with Malo before you give up on your dreams! I was depressed and felt like my life was over. Malo helped me realize that I had control over my life. I realize now what was happening to me was not coming from the world around me, but coming from the world within me. I never really knew there was such a thing as an internal world. I spent some time working with Malo. He is incredibly knowledgeable and patient. I have completely changed the way I think and I choose very carefully what comes out of my mouth. I am so glad a friend referred me to Malo. I now feel more confident than ever. I also understand that it is me creating EVERYTHING happening to me whether I realize it or not. Thank you very much! Sincerely, Jade Larosa - Actress Orlando, FL
― Jade Larosa
Spiritual growth & awakening, leadership, business deveoplment Business Development Mediating between companies and relationships. Motvation Advising Great with people. Analyzing company issues, Coming up with solutions to better the company Finding different ways to come across to potential clients or applicants, interacting with clients or customers, Planning, Finding more efficient ways to do things, Creating flow within an office, Organizing Meditiation and holostic healing.
My biggest abilities are Healing, Clairaudience, Prophecy, and Discernment. If any of these things interest you, please subscribe Mediation Advising Psychic consulting
Depressed... Bummed... Need to Talk? The good news is that everything you will ever need really is within YOU. Years ago, I was severely depressed and my life was spiraling out of control. A hunger came upon me. A hunger for an experience of God. I began having amazing supernatural experiences. I went into seclusion. One day at a time, I began reshaping my life based on numerous personal experiences of a spiritual nature. My purpose now is sharing with others what I have discovered. I will assist in creating the life you desire. I will help answer your questions. Whatever you may be going through... I look forward to hearing from you. And so it is.
Law of Attraction Lucid Dreams /Out of Body Experiences Creating your own personal reality Health and Healing Mastering the Art of Visualization Abundance Overcoming Depression
I am an accredited and fully licensed counseling professional with extensive training and experience of 20 plus years. My areas of expertise include relationship and family counseling.
I'm pleased and proud to have had many multi-year clients, who have successfully implemented long term, multi-faceted professional and personal life plans.

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