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Spiritual Coaching for Skeptics -- I especially help busy women learn to feel their feeling instead of being stuck in their heads all the time
200 E-RYT -- Yoga Teacher, Mindfulness teacher Special experience with families of alcoholics and addicts
Boundaries, Codependency, Recovery Getting "Unstuck" and Achieving Meaningful Goals
I can help you learn ways to deal with stress and anger, define your role in relationships, set healthy boundaries, and take charge of and manage your self-care. After doing my own personal work, I want to share what I learned.
Sandy is great at working WITH you to discover your goals and push past your obstacles so that you can achieve success in any area of your life! She helped me personally by helping me see different perspectives and different ways to reach and exceed my goals! Working with Sandy has been a wonderful, truly life-changing experience that I would highly recommend to anyone! Courtney
― Courtney
Michele Green is the founder of Strategic Shift Coaching,LLC. Her passion in life is helping people reach their full potential. She received her certification from World Coach Institute and specializes in Life and Executive Coaching. She has great listening skills and will ask all of the right questions to help you reach your goals. One of the most important parts of this process will be keeping her clients accountable. With her Bachelor's degree in Psychology and minor in Sociology, she is fully prepared to help YOU with any challenges you face in this wonderful gift of life!

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Focus. Productivity. Results Hosted by Coach Arevik Hayrapetyan Sun Oct 21 at 9:00 am PDT $45 BOOK NOW
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