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Summary: A Talent Acquisition professional with extensive experience (over 25 years) in the technology, financial, health care and entertainment industries. Background in the professional services sector specializing in talent acquisition and consulting services. Expertise in business development, strategic planning, recruitment, training seminars and administration. Passionate about working with start-ups, securing capital, team building, developing business plans. Primarily focused in the technology software area with companies concerned with Big Data (predictive analytics), cloud security, SaaS, Mobile Applications and IOT. Particularly interested in working with Start-Ups, focused on Big Data and Mobile applications. Involved with UCI's Applied Innovation program as an EIR (expert in residence) mentoring start up teams in talent acquisition issues. Member of the Los Angeles Venture Capital Association (LAVA). EDUCATION: M.B.A. (Finance) Golden Gate University, San Francisco (1973). B.S. (Management) Golden Gate University, San Francisco (1971). Undergraduate studies at L.S.U and U.C.L.A. Graduate studies in Media Communications at San Francisco State University -OMITTED- and U.C.L.A. Extension (Artist Management). Additional law studies at Western State University (1991).
My offerings, based on over 25 years in business providing Executive Search and Consulting services, to client companies in the Technology, Health Care and the Financial Industries. My coaching includes the following: Facilitating career changes, job searches and seeking/establishing new businesses. May involve target companies research, obtaining contact information, reviewing your resume or other materials, developing a strategy to achieve your goals, interview prep, researching target salary. If you are creating a new company it may involve researching targeted venture capitalists, researching the market, preparing an elevator speech, developing a mini- business plan, assisting in locating team members, et al. Depending on the tasks, I may consider investing or participating at some level. I. Telephone Consultation: The purpose of the telephone consultation is to offer service for individuals that my have short term needs relative to overall career goals, job changes and/or career transformation. Prior to our meeting, I will ask you to complete a brief statement outlining your needs for us to discuss over the phone at a later date. This initial consultation is free. If you decide to use my service, my fee is $75 per hour. No long-term commitment required. II. On going consultation: This service is designed for on going consultations to assist the client on a number of needs that may take one to six months on the average. Example: 1. Career Change 2. Job Search Campaigns 3. New business endeavors The fee for this service is $475 per month. No long-term commitment, can be cancelled at any time.
Leadership Development, Presentation Skills Coaching, Work Life Balance, and Health and Wellness
Leadership Development, Presentation skills, work life balance, and health and wellness

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