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Improving time management and organization skills, increasing confidence and self-esteem, helping people to let go of their limiting and negative beliefs, and helping coaches to grow their business are all expertises of mine.
I have built a coaching practice naturally and authentically without any money, I transformed from low confidence and self-esteem to high confidence and self-esteem, I have also transformed my health and body.
Life coaching- I have a number of techniques for assessing stress and life satisfaction levels as well as plenty of advice and tools to help you live up to your full potential. Relationship- I have taken courses on interpersonal relationships and have been a research assistant in a human relationships lab. I also have personal experience in making my own distance relationship successful despite challenges. Faith- spirituality and connection to a greater purpose is important for every person to experience. I can help you connect to this side of yourself if you are struggling to see the big picture at times. Academic- Over the last few years, I have managed college life, a job, friends, and family balance. Making the most of my education while maintaining great grades all came down to time management and learning to work and play hard. Weight loss- Although I am not a certified dietitian, I believe the key to a healthy lifestyle revolves around YOUR personal habits and preferences. One fad-diet-fits-all strategy is outdated and unhealthy. Let me help you to set personal goals and a specific plan that fits you.

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