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I would recommend Rocio as a life coach because working with her changed my life. I had the opportunity to be coached by Rocio for over a year and I am a happier and more positive person for it. She listened and guided me to realizations that I do not think I could have come to alone. Rocio taught me how to derive my true desires and set forth toward achieving them. No value may be placed on the services she provided to me. She was there during a difficult time in my life and I will forever be thankful.
I learnt what forgiveness means for me.. How our imagination of our future, separates us from the attraction of what is available to us NOW. And how nothing material or technical can connect us to our hearts or soul! The value of being real and learning to accept and love myself and others, means we can let go of expectations and be free from judgements. A beautiful place to be. Xx
― Nicola Potter - Counsellor/Psychotherapist - UK
Literary arts, book publishing
Creative writing Book publishing Novel creation Work planning Product development
Live coaching
I have earned the ICC international coaching certification. Ive worked 10 years in commercial areas and the last years as head of marketing of 2 companies. I have received many soft skills workshops and have worked on creating such products. Also done my degree thesis in coaching in the commercial area of the company where I currently work. I have taken courses in NLP and management leadership and am currently working in the ICC Pers school of coaching - Nanka - as a Mentor and coach.

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