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I highly recommend working with Simon. He loves what he does, and he genuinely cares about helping people. He uses methods that are backed by successful research and outcomes, and will work to push you to achieve your goals.
"Aldous challenged me to develop new ways of thinking and helped me take action in some critical decisions in my career. He is an excellent coach to me"
― Alain D
I had the pleasure of working with Amit on a few different occasions. Really professional and personal approach in a non judgmental way. Always ready to help and listen with great advice, and allowed me to find out my own solutions for my problems!
― Jandara Almeida
Have a coaching session with Deb before you decide to end your relationship. I was very scared and intimidated to speak to anyone. I felt ashamed and that it was all my fault. Deb helped me to separate the legal, emotional, and financial issues we were facing while deciding what to do, stay together or divorce. Deb helped me create a plan and work through our difficult time and we are still together and celebrating our 25th anniversary next year!
― Lydia L.
Through the sessions Scott has provided, he has given me guidance and allowed me to find the answers in myself. He has given me insights that I never thought of and made me look at the other side of the coin but like I discovered it. He’s natural, kind and caring and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to others.
For me, the coaching sessions have been invaluable. In a nutshell, I booked the sessions with the objectives of increasing my confidence in general, having confidence in my capabilities at work and working out where my career path should lead, or not lead as the case may be. Only 4 months on and I am much more confident in myself, I have learnt how to see myself through ‘honest’ glasses, I am equipped with ‘tools’ to keep my confidence high and to stay in control of my own destiny. And I have also secured a promotion.
― Ross G.
I found the sessions,invaluable and informative,which helped create a positive outlook,at where I am to where I want to be.The sessions,helped in pointing to alternative measures of meeting challenges,and overcoming barriers. We built a trustful relationship,and a safe enviornment,where I was able to explore insights,and develop new skills. Janet,was able to engage me with pertinent powerful questions,which aided new ways of thinking and being. The sessions were structured,where main goals were established before the main body of the session began. My progress was monitored well.
― D.Tomilnson
International Business & Executive Lifestyle Coach/Mentor with Legacy Mindset
Start-Up Business Strategies Finding Your Niche Marketing & Branding Personal Development Professional Coach Supervision & Mentoring Life Experience Stress & Anxiety
"I was going through a tough period in my late 20's where I was just stressed and overwhelmed in most aspects in my life. I ended up calling Kiefer as I knew he was known for keeping it cool under stressful situations and I wanted to know how to do that for myself. I felt Kiefer gave me a really good outlook on what was happening to me at that time. He helped me realise that my situation is just a temporary experience and that my life wouldn't always be like this. By holding such a safe space for me and asking me appropriate questions in my situation, I learned new ways to handle stress whilst being under pressure. A couple of months after my session with Kiefer, my life has changed significantly. I've been travelling a lot, I've released my album and I'm really happy with my new job. Having Kiefer as a Coach really changed my pattern of thinking and has made me more adaptable in being under pressure. "
― Austeja S.
Confidence, Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Creativity, Co-Active Coaching, Leadership, Creative Business, Wellbeing, Performance, Music and Arts
Confidence, Emotional Intelligence, Communication, Creativity, Performance, Music
You bring clarity, humanity, and an ability to navigate directly to the heart of the matter. You have an incredible level of integrity and are not afraid to speak your truth, even when it feels like it would go against the grain of what is expected. This gives me a huge level of trust in the work you facilitate. I felt very held and safe. I had complete trust in your facilitation, and the way you helped me to navigate the memories and emotions that were revealed in the process. Having watched you facilitate other men's processes, my experience is of someone who steps out of the personal into the impersonal in service of revealing the deeper truth of the situation. I felt profoundly impacted by the process that you lead. I experienced a big shift in my relationship to the issue that had been trying to gain my insight and understanding of. I felt profoundly connected with you and the other men on the circle and that I had been guided in a process where I was able to 'own' the results of the work that we did together. I also felt that I have been given a new set of tools that I can access at any time should similar thought patterns or emotions arise.
― Christopher Bangs
Relationships, Career, Motivation
Relationships Career Motivation Indecision Perfectionism Procrastination Stress Lack of confidence
"The greatest thing working with Miles is that he is so likeable... and I mean that in a good way!"
― Fiona Leach
I mostly work with IT professionals, using a clean language approach. I'm particularly interested in personal development, career progression and process improvement, but have coached IT professionals in many aspects of life.
With a 27-year career in the IT industry, I'm well placed to coach on most challenges that IT professionals encounter.
I'm a certified Peer Support Coach. I offer tools and techniques to improve well-being, harmonize interpersonal relationships and promote personal success. I specialize in helping people who struggle with addictions, mental health & poverty.
I have a certificate in Peer Support Coaching (02/16) and have been practicing in my field for over a year. Additionally, I have lived expertise that allows me to build a special bond with my clients that is unique and highly beneficial. I specialize in helping people who struggle with addictions, mental health & poverty. I welcome individuals from all walks of life. I am compassionate, friendly, empathetic and dedicated. I would be honored to be your choice for a life coach! -Shannon
I really had a hard time connecting with making the law of attraction work for me until I started working with W.T. I tried to do the affirmations and the visualization but it never felt real to me. I always felt like I was trying to trick myself. The way he broke it down and showed me how to use it as a thinking process instead of a spiritual experience really helped me to see how I could use it to make my business grow. I loved the way he showed me how to make my own program that was customized to my life and goals. Since working with W.T. I've been able to launch my online business and create a second flow of money. I definitely recommend working with him.
― Trevor L.
If you are dealing with: Life baggage from the past, bullying, trauma, abuse, PTSD or unpleasant memories Low confidence, stress, unexplained fear or panic attacks A lot of worries and you just dont know how to change that negative chatter in your head for once and for all Bad sleep, leaving you tired and drained all day Repetitive patterns that sabotage who you really are, whether it be at work, business or in your relationship Feeling lost in relationship, life or a career; you are looking for a sense of direction and no matter what you do, you can not find your way A phobia - flying, confined spaces, driving again after an accident, needles, dentists, spiders My clients usually are Successful on the outside, but have something that is missing on the inside. They might have a good career but want or need to make a change so that they can be truly happy In their 30s or 40s - they have been working on themselves to clear up their conflicts from the past or change their negative habits but still feel stressed, worried, anxious or their confidence is affected Are dealing with unpleasant memories, are in a unhappy relationship, going through changes in their life and they need to get their sense of direction and confidence back After just one or a few sessions with me you will feel or be Empowered with a new found freedom and happiness Lighter and at peace with yourself and the world, and the past is left in the past Confident and positive about yourself Defrazzled, calm, enjoying life and all it has to offer Able to get a good nights sleep ready for your day ahead Happy, free and surrendered to life, ready to take on your next challenge.
Im a Mindworks specialist with over 10 years experience working with people from all walks of life, helping them address what isnt working for them and enabling them to be in a place of new-found freedom and happiness. I started my career in Melbourne, Australia where I trained in business and marketing. Following my interest in psychology I later completed my Masters of Science in Business Psychology in London and progressed to a career of training, coaching employees and leaders of organisations, enabling them achieve their full potential. During this time I participated in various personal development and holistic health programmes and traveled extensively, predominantly in USA and third world countries in Asia and Africa. This was fueled by my inquisitive mind about the world, and cultures as well as my personal quest for a solution to stop my anxieties caused by childhood trauma and later abusive relationship. During this time I found NLP and IEMT both of which changed my life. After only a few sessions my anxieties were gone and I felt free again. I was so amazed by the rapid effectiveness and transformational power of this work that I became a practitioner of these techniques and more. I now help people to be free of whats not working in their life and what is holding them back, enabling them to live a life that is true to them. I also deliver training on topics of stress, mind management, avoiding burnout, coaching, leadership and management and I coach employees and leaders in organisations, enabling them to achieve their full potential.
Dating, career, confidence and business
Career - Have coached individuals into high level senior roles, have worked successfully as a Senior Public Sector Leader and College Principal Business - Owned restaurants and have a property portfolio, have coached business owners in the area of sales and marketing. Airbnb Super Host Status. Personal Development - All of my coaching is delivered within the context of improving confidence through challenging and replacing limiting beliefs. Am an Author of a Personal Development Book - Lifetricity Excellent listening and empathy skills. Able to interpret sometimes complex scenarios, through use of various coaching techniques. This combined with a highly developed intuition that enables me to connect deeply with the client, getting to the root blocks quickly. Committed to developing the right coaching offer to meet the clients needs as this works best. Confident and focused in my approach I am skilled in undertaking the leadership role required to keep things on track ensuring swift progress is made. Having over 30 years of coaching expertise I am excited about the opportunity to make a real difference to the lives of those requiring a catalyst for personal growth.
I have gained valuable insight into my approach to my working life. I have used this insight to make positive changes that my colleagues and family are benefitting from as well as myself. I have learned to step back, and not try to solve every problem myself, and I believe I am more adaptable to change than before my coaching.
― D.H.
My life has always been about challenges that have shook me to the core for i was never ready but i had no choice but to be ready for whatever crossed my path . I focus on building a persons confidence levels through a regiment that it is taught which combines yogic practice, hiit training, and deep meditative states with attention on specific areas one wishes to focus on. Im a resiliency coach that brings inspiration from my life experiences of working ,and living on three seperate continents in the past 20yrs , a good portion going through struggles and changes steadily . I take you on a journey of your mind, core beliefs and values and try to align you with your deepest desires to help you find the best way you can help yourself through this time of your life . Im here to send you on the path of self empowerment where you eventually wouldnt need me any more because you have all the tools to be in the moment and excited to take on the next challenge whatever it may be.
Hi-Crisis Trauma Resiliency practitioner Mind and Body Health and Wellness Inspiraion and Motivation coaching Complete Confidentiality
Career change, relationships, leadership, confidence, purpose
Skilled in: - Powerful inquiry - Gentle challenging - Deep listening - Untangling complex thoughts Knowledgeable in: - Cognitive Behavioural Coaching - Motivational Interviewing - Positive Psychology Approach - Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Experienced in: - Challenging limiting beliefs - Improving Communication (personal and professional) - Exploring new life paths Including topics of: - Relationships - Leadership/Management - Purpose - Confidence
Use of psychological methodologies for understanding perceived reality. Use of different coaching approaches best suited to each individual client. Implementing desired changes with use of emotional intelligence, positive psychology and neuro-linguistic programming. Development of self-awareness and skills for self-coaching going forward.
Self-awareness development Emotional intelligence development Resiliency training for dealing with stress/anxiety Performance improvement Leadership skills Neuro-linguistic programming Personal trauma management Relationships improvement (partners, family, children, social)
Life coach, trainer, speaker. Member of the John Maxwell Team.
Financial Planner (retired), Martial Arts Instructor (retired), Systems supervisor (retired), Guitar teacher (will never retire) Worked with Scouts Canada, Masons, Shriners and other volunteer organizations.
Natasha’s mindfulness coaching completely changed my stress levels and particularly my inability to sleep properly in the last 10 years! I went to her after a recommendation from my sleep and fatigue specialist as she thought I needed a holistic approach to my constant rushing about and lack of concentration. Natasha saw the root of the problem which was a constantly busy mind and as she is an academic like me she could understand what I was going through. Her approach is very much “in the moment” as she sees where I am on the day and customises her mediations and teachings based on what I really need on that specific day, “in the here and now” as she says. We started with weekly meetings and I now I only skype her once a month as I think I have learned my lesson and I have developed my own strategies to tackle stress, concentrate and be happier overall!
― Suzan L.

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