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Jill coached my son through his final year at school. Having failed at the first attempt, I felt he would soon become bored and demoralised without more encouragement than the school or we parents would give him. Jill has a naturally bubbly personality, her glass is always half full, and her energy and enthusiasm infectious. If anyone could motivate him it would be Jill! And she did. He had 10 sessions with her over several weeks in which she led him in identifying his short and longer term goals and focus on how to achieve them. The result was that he worked hard, passed with credit and has moved on along the path Jill helped him map out. I am sure he couldn't have done it without her and that, in addition, she has provided him with tools he can use throughout his life.
Career change coaching and fierce mindset building for women.
I am a strong supporter of the idea that every person has a purpose and a mission they cant ignore if they want to live their life to the fullest and I feel that my mission on this earth is to assist others in finding their path and creating their dream life. Im absolutely certain that everyone has an inner power to make any changes they want despite anything that might stand in their way. All you need is a burning desire to change and just a little guidance. So Im here for you. I help aspiring women, just like me, to break the chains that are binding them AND transform their lives into a vibrant and worthwhile living adventure. I support them in moving into a career they are super passionate about that unveils their true purpose and allows them to earn a living doing what they are absolutely crazy about. My innovative approach is based on cognitive and neurosciences, neuro-linguistic programming, general semantics and logotherapy aiming at understanding and improving a person on every level and I combine it with the elements of Positive phycology, personality assessments and result-oriented goal setting techniques to make your change a positive experience.

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