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"Meeting with him Coach Jometre Coquillon helps I identify the goals I want, plus goes a long way toward accomplishing those goals. He not only gives encouragement but also helps me see strategies to achieve what I aim for. He shows me how to recognize opportunities and build strategies of my own, helping me become the confident, capable person I wanted to be. What can I say? You really need to talk to him!"
― Kerlin Michel
Leadership, Time Management, Procrastination, Goal Setting, Delegation, Anxiety, Stress Management, Imposter Syndrome, Women in leadership, Courage, Confidence, Letting go of Perfectionism, Fear of Failure, Change/Transitions, Life Coaching
Women in Leadership: Courage and Self Confidence Management Development: Delegation, Team Coaching, Team Motivation and Goal Setting Transitions and Changes: Laid off, Fired, new opportunity exploration, exploring entrepreneurship Career Coaching: career mapping, job interview preparation and salary negotiations Life Coaching: Stress, Performance Anxiety and Procrastination
I launched my business because I want to encourage people to not only focus on their physical appearance but also on having a healthy mind; focusing in the connection of our minds and bodies is essential. My passion for Fitness and Wellness came from figure skating; I started skating when I was ten, and since then I knew how much I loved being active. Unfortunately, I stopped skating, and graduated from high school by doing home school, so I graduated sooner than expected. Thankfully, my past struggles took me into the right direction and ultimately made me discover my passion for Wellness. After graduating and while working in my business, I completed different certifications. My extensive knowledge in nutrition, physical activity, wellness coaching, preventive health and mental health has given me the right tools to help others understanding the importance of a healthy diet for better health and a healthy relationship between our minds and bodies; there is no way to have a healthy body if one is not mentally healthy.
Bilingual Nutrition/Healthy Cooking Blogging/Writing Self-Motivation Extremely Organized Team Leadership Holistic Health Customer Service Client Assessment and Analysis Counseling Eating Disorders Therapy Bootcamps/HIIT Personal Training Food Photography Workshops and Events Entrepreneurship Social Media
Henrietta is an encouraging business coach who has helped me think through my business ideas,she finds a practical and realistic way of turning them into reality. she has the ability to turn your ideas that you bring into an achievable plan and keeps you on track in achieving your goals. she is a very supportive coach and I recommend her to anyone who has goals that they want to turn into an achievable plan of action.
― Linda Doron
This experience has been the best in my life because you have a person that not only listens to you but also helps you to understand what you have to do. At the end of each session, she would always ask you what got from that day’s conversation; that would make me understand why I had to continue in order to obtain best results. I recommend Dioxy as an excellent coach because she is very professional, dedicated, and qualified. I am very thankful to Dioxy for helping me out during my process.
― M. Estrada
“Yes, yes, yes!!! Michelle is the person to see when you’re ready to take a grip, and enjoy the ride of life. I have met with Michelle for a few sessions and everything about my life has increased positively! Michelle has a true understanding of the human psyche. I highly recommend Michelle to help you get over those hurdles in life that just seem too high. If it wasn’t for my sessions with Michelle I truly believe I’d be in the same rut.”
― Chris M.

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