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Dragon Career Associates aim: to provide the sort of professional guidance and coaching service that we would wish to receive. My mission is to work with individuals who want to make changes in their lives; who would like help identifying their strengths and how this could relate to the world of work; to provide ongoing coaching for those who want to achieve personal goals. There are no tick boxes; I adjust my way of working to suit each person's needs and preferred style. From a one-off guidance interview to an ongoing coaching relationship working towards achieving a specific goal, I can help! For clients wanting in-depth knowledge about their strengths, Jayne is accredited to use the well-respected psychometric assessment, the Morrisby Profile, as well as the Morrisby Online psychometric test. A long-term member of the Institute of Careers Guidance (ICG), and a founding member and registered professional (now lapsed) of the Career Development Institute (CDI), I follow a code of professional ethics which includes confidentiality and impartiality. You can place your trust in the guidance and coaching service offered by Jayne and Dragon Career Associates.

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