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• I have my online services system ready to offer to the public, and I am seeking advice how to proceed. Anthony had some excellent suggestions. He is, in fact, making me rethink an assumption I had made. This could open up a large market that I had not considered. I HIGHLY recommend Anthony's consultative services to anyone.
― Tom W.
They say when the mind is stretched by a new experience, it can never return to its old dimensions. That is the precisely the gift that Natalie Levy has given to me. Before Natalie, I dreamt for a life of castles in the sky but found it overwhelming to build the foundations they so longingly needed. I wanted to live more in my truth, but needed direction of discerning what my truth actually was. Cue Natalie: a vivacious, kind, funny, compassionate soul who is determined to getting you to live your best life. Through our journey together, she has instilled in me lessons and tools I will forever carry with me and because of her, I now wake up everyday with a sense of purpose and intention. She has a talent of breaking it down to discovering what your core desires are, cutting out “the fat”, instilling patience, starting small and building, and asking those hard questions so collectively, you can build a game plan and begin to live in your truth. It goes without saying how immensely grateful I am for our conversations; she has bestowed in me a new focus and determination for life, and I highly recommend her for any soul who is searching for their higher purpose or wants to awake everyday knowing they are intentionally living their best lives with a sense of their own clear purpose.
― AG
Coach Stephanie, I have you to thank for our call this morning. Thanks to your expertise and extensive training in Reiki Healing my headaches and previous debilitating back pain are gone. It was surely an instantaneous feeling of relief that I haven't felt in over 20 years. You are truly a miraculous angel who is dedicated to making sure that her clients succeed. Thank you for everything you've helped me achieve.
― Debra Wilshire- Austin, Texas
“This past September began the start into my fall semester as a senior at Cornell, as well as the start to a stressful journey into career recruitment season. I was put in contact with Cindy by a close friend. Through a conversation on the phone, Cindy walked me through the interview process, giving me step by step information about what to expect and how to handle any question with confidence and ease. Speaking with her not only eased my mind but also ensured that I went into the recruitment process feeling well prepared.”
― Evodie G.
Meeting Lynne was a pivotal point in my life. Although we met in the workplace, Lynne’s Coaching 101 class opened my eyes to a whole new way of interaction, thought processing, decision-making…you name it! Of most immediate value was the availability of Lynne as my internal coach when I needed help talking through an issue or approaching a major decision or change. Lynne’s direct, common sense coaching reinforced the lessons my mama taught me about making hasty decisions, speaking or thinking in the heat of the moment, and opening myself to the possibility that things can, and often do, change in ways I hadn’t imagined – and those changes frequently present great opportunities. She’s had such an impact on me that I catch myself thinking “WWLS – What Would Lynne Say” when I feel like I’m hitting a brick wall. In addition to her knack for getting to the heart of the issue, Lynne is a warm and truly likeable person. I feel so fortunate to have her in my corner!
Confidence & Leadership Coach, Business Strategist, Business Consultant & Business Coach: Money Mindset, Converting & Sales Conversations, Power Pitch, Entrepreneurship Development.
Background in Finance and Accounting - creating systems and structures to simplify and streamline operations. Also a background in Human Resources - Identifying and developing leaders.
Working with Ellen has been such an awesome experience. She is so real and cuts right to the chase so she was able to pinpoint exactly what was holding me back from being in a relationship. I am currently dating a man for 7 months and have a fresh new outlook on what’s important to me. I could not have gotten here without her guidance. Thank you Ellen for helping me see what I hadn’t seen before.
― Stacey Wolf
Besides exceptional leadership and educational skills, Carrie is an amazing life coach. I reached out to NorthFeather Coaching at the time I got stuck with career choices. What won me over after first session was simplicity and creativity of Carrie’s approach. Carrie allowed me to use my imagination and she guided me through series of visualizations that helped to see where I had internal conflict, and she showed me how to “talk” to a part of me that needed attention at the time. I have benefited tremendously from working with Carrie learning to listen and observe my inside “societies” similar to way I was observing the outside world. Carrie would always addressed sensitive matters with very kind spirit, so at no point I felt embarrassed or questioned the process. I felt safe and protected. What I appreciate the most, we worked on the things I wanted to resolve, Carrie never pushed what she thought would be the best for me. I felt lifted up after each session with more clarity in what action I have to take. I think Carrie E Neal is an extraordinary coach and amazing human been. I will gladly use her services again.
― Ema Brown
Feng Shui, clutter clearing and re-design. Law of Attraction. Registered Nurse.
Simplifying your life and learning positive habits to create the life you want. Shining a light on limiting beliefs and breaking free of them. Setting your home up in a way that is easy to manage and is simple, clear, beautiful and supports the life you want. Feng Shui relates to these nine areas, Family, Wealth, Fame, Relationships, Children and Creativity, Helpful People, Career, Self Knowledge and Health. You can work on one to three areas at a time. I use Law of Attraction processes to help you deal with the stresses of life and show you how you can manage your emotions and stressors to create the life you want. I am a nurse and can guide you to a healthier holistic life style. _________________________________________________________ I love working with Carmel! Coaching with her has given me clarity and direction and has empowered me to reach for my goals that had seemed out or reach. I feel deeply supported and her enthusiasm for helping me become a better version of myself is contagious. Working with her, I have found inner strength, direction and confidence that have enabled me to reach both personal and business goals. When I started working with Carmel, I was confused and overwhelmed, but I now feel in control and organized. In my business, I now have 3 great new clients who love working with me and are referring others. It's amazing and wonderful how much coaching with Carmel has done for me. Thank you, Carmel! Carmel has taught me how to declutter effortlessly. Everything she says makes sense, By learning how to declutter, my life is less complicated and I can get on with things I really enjoy doing. Thanks, ?Mary, great to hear it's working so well for you. Much appreciated!
Patricia, you were really helpful in my first ThetaHealing session. I had new insights about some of my beliefs that years of personal development work has never touched. I appreciate how easy it was talking with you and how easily the issues were healed. The wonderful part is I can feel the difference already. I had a business problem show up today that would have been very challenging to handle in the past, but today I was able to deal with it from a different perspective and the problem side of it was easily let go of. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
― Chip Huge, PhD, CC
Solutions Focused Interventions Grief, trauma, loss Mindfulness/meditation Spirituality Holistic health and wellness Life transitions Traumatic brain injury Itellectual disabilities Stress managment Personal development Birthing educations Life coaching Family Coaching
Jessica is specifically trained in solutions focused interventions, meaning, Jessica will support you identifying solutions rather than focusing on problems. A solutions focused approach is a short-term, strength-based method that emphasizes peoples resilience, strengths, and resources. Jessica will help you look at how these can be utilized in the pursuit of your goals and the enactment of purposeful positive change. Jessica has supported individuals in identifying and working through issues such as negative self -talk, unhealthy patterns of behavior, need for control, family trauma, issues with attachment, and co-dependency. She has specific training and expertise in working in the area's of grief, trauma and loss and speaks openly about her own journey in becoming friends with loss. Jessicas combined personal, educational and work experience has provided her with the foundation to support you in exploring your goals, identifying your obstacles and creating ways to overcome internal barriers. Jessicas educational foundation not only lies in holistic wellness but is concentrated on solutions focused interventions. In working with Jessica, you will discover that she works with people based on the belief that they are the experts of their own life. Jessica does not see her job as telling you what to do, but to help you quiet the everyday noise that gets in the way of hearing your own voice. *Jessica is currently pursuing a second degree in integrative health and holistic nutrition
LEVERAGE YOUR OVERALL LIFE! "BE WHO YOU ARE, AND GROW TOWARDS WHAT YOU ARE BECOMING!" Life coaching, Personal Development, Career/Business Development, Relationships (Romantic, work, personal, family), Effective communication, leadership skills, Confidence building, accent reduction, self realization, self motivation, finding clarity in your current path, decision making, quick thinking and strategy, mind and clarity, performance coaching, virtual presence.
Relationships (Romantic, family, work, personal), Personal Development, Motivation, self realization, Effective communication, accent reduction, speech and clarity, stress relief, relationship building, re branding or figuring your brand, self development, career development, creative thinking, strategic thinking, improvisation, quick decision making, goal setting, breaking/recognizing old habits and routines, problem solve tactics.
Crisis Coaching Trauma Coaching Addiction Recovery Coaching ADHD Coaching Grief & Loss Coaching Christian Life Coaching Chronic Illness & Caregiver Coaching Wellness & Stress Management Coaching
Strategic Life Coach. I specialize in helping with stress management, & dealing with overwhelm. I also people/entrepreneurs with goal setting and life or action planning.
Dating and Relationships
I've worked with many men and women who simply do not know how to meet anyone they are interested in all the way to securing a relationship. I'm also currently writing a Dating Rules book specifically for women in New York.
Leadership coaching; getting unstuck; relationship; living a big vibrant life
What I promise as a Coach: Create yourself as a world of possibilities, not by what the past says that you are, but by the future that your who you are as a possibility says you are. Open up a world for yourself that you have never before thought is available. Create yourself in the light of being unstoppable in the face of adversity and gain more confidence, courage, freedom from resentment, a new way of listening, and peace of mind. Be someone people love saying YES to and share yourself with as who you are as the possibility(ies) you have declared that you are. Create a life worth living and a lifestyle worth sharing. Coaching by Yours Truly, Yuriy
Life Coaching Weight Loss Coaching Spiritual Coaching Retirement Coaching Health And Wellness Coaching Stress Reduction Coaching Relationship Coaching Academic Coaching Business Coaching Career Coaching Executive Coaching Leadership Coaching Communication Coaching Dating Coaching Family Coaching Financial Coaching Wealth Coaching Sales Coaching ADD/ADHD Coaching Life Coaching Personal Coaching
I've been to several therapists but I couldn't find the help I needed. I worked with Sam and now I have a good job, a healthy relationship, I quit smoking, I got caught up on child support, and I am going back to school to learn the skill that will let me have my dream job. She helped me turn my whole life around in just a few months.
― Brandon S.
-Young adults transitioning from college to early career, including first-generation-to college students. -Young professionals ages 22-30. -Women transitioning to the workforce after a break for childcare, etc. -Moms and Dads balancing career and family life. -Retirees or those considering what a retirement life plan will look like for them.
My coaching service incorporates over 30 years of meditation and mindulness practices, creative arts, Co-Active Model training, positive psychology, college access and success, career preparation and upward mobility, and study of aging and longevity support models. I specialize in coaching individuals in life transitions, into and out of careers to support their holistic development and life purpose growth. I love working with young adults preparing for early career; new parents looking for balance in family and career; and recent or soon-to-be retirees looking to design for this new life stage.
Ena is amazing! She is so motivating and patient. She worked with me while accommodating to my needs and NYC lifestyle. Thank you Ena!
― Nathan Kaufman
“I can say with only with gratitude, certainty, and love, that having you as my coach was absolutely the best money I have ever spent! You brought, hope, light, and your unique wisdom to a life to our incredible journey together. Which has truly enhanced my experience of life. You have been a defining influence in all of my choices, which are now thanks to your services, led with heart, inspiration, and passion! I have seen more positive results than I have ever thought possible. You are a beautiful, selfless soul, who finds true pleasure in seeing others happy and fulfilled in life. Thank you. Thank you. Thank YOU! Becky R. Marketing Executive Los Angeles California.
― Becky R. -Los Angeles
N.Y. State Certified Addiction Recovery Coach, Health and Wellness Coaching, Spirituality, Holistic living.
We are a human family and I believe in a responsibility to share my knowledge of recovery as someone that has seen my entire immediate family overcome addiction, health and behavioral issues. Let's work together as comrades to create a unique recovery that works for you or a loved one!
relationships, overcoming difficult emotions, personal growth
Improving relationships, overcoming difficult emotions & personal growth

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