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Thank you so much for all of the information you've provided over the last few weeks. You've helped me far beyond just the issues I'm dealing with at work. I feel energized again about all of the aspects of my life. You have been a blessing to me. I hope the good karma comes back to you 3 fold.
― Tricia
I've mentored several individuals throughout my career and have been through a lot of occurrences that taught me a lot of wisdom and knowledge I strive to pass on, such as improving relationships, work-life, and bettering self-confidence and reducing stress.
I'm a Sheriff's Deputy and former enlisted in the U.S. Military. I'm known for my personableness, personality, and my will to lift others up to better themselves and their situation.
Spiritual Coaching for Skeptics -- I especially help busy women learn to feel their feeling instead of being stuck in their heads all the time
200 E-RYT -- Yoga Teacher, Mindfulness teacher Special experience with families of alcoholics and addicts
The lasting message in my head is “don’t let life discourage you from dreaming”. Things are going to happen, you’ll have doubters, you might be alone in your ambitions, the things you dream of achieving may be bigger than anything your parents or anything your family members or friends have ever achieved…but you CAN do it!”
― Gregg Wayans
Michele Green is the founder of Strategic Shift Coaching,LLC. Her passion in life is helping people reach their full potential. She received her certification from World Coach Institute and specializes in Life and Executive Coaching. She has great listening skills and will ask all of the right questions to help you reach your goals. One of the most important parts of this process will be keeping her clients accountable. With her Bachelor's degree in Psychology and minor in Sociology, she is fully prepared to help YOU with any challenges you face in this wonderful gift of life!
Relationships, Trained-Conflict Resolution Mediator, Spiritual, etc.
*Relationship Coaching *Conflict /Dispute Resolution-Coaching *Spiritual Coaching *Toxic Relationship Coaching
Hi Everyone, I am a Certified Life Coach. I am rated in the top 25? of Life Coaches by Linkedin Coaching Professionals. I work with together with you to develop your personal step by step plan to help you to achieve your goals. Keep in mind you can make change happen but you to get the process started. Contact me today to get the process started. Thank You!
Relationship Life Coach Conflict & Dispute Resolution Mediator

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