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Dezi gives a calming and safe place to be able to express yourself without judgement. This does not mean that she does not tell you as it is. It means there is respect for opinions and offering a different perspective on viewing things. Since I am relatively new to this aspect of my life. I really as of yet do not know if there is anything new I would like, I think once I have experienced all that is offered now and see new paths open to me, I know if there isn't a service she does not offer.
― E. Gonzalez, Las Cruces, NM
Mindfulness Coaching, Communication Coaching, Life Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Executive Coaching, Personal Coaching, Stress Reduction Coaching, Personal Coaching
- Mindfulness and Self-Regulation: understanding and managing thoughts, emotions and behaviors. - Stress Management: improving response flexibility, becoming more resilient to stress. - Change Management: discovering what change is required, planning for change and overcoming resistance or roadblocks to change. - Communication: managing difficult conversations and conflict. - Leadership: Setting up leadership practices that optimize individual, team and organizational effectiveness. - Reflection partner: helping clients reflect and make decisions about challenges and opportunities to come up in their lives.
Integrative Life Coaching, Healing your Heart Coach, Spiritual Life Coach, Mindfulness Meditation Coach, and Holy Fire Reiki Master
Guided Visualization, Mindfulness Meditation, Mental Bank System Trainer
Marriage and Relationship development, Relational trauma, Personal development, Professional development, identifying and changing negative habitual loops

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