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I was privileged to be selected into one of Mike’s “Real Man” mastermind groups. Frankly, no written recommendation can do justice to the actual experience of being mentored by such a leader and deeply insightful man as Mike! As a former Marine, special agent, and business owner, I can attest that Mike is LEGIT! If you’re looking to be held accountable, to grow personally / spiritually / relationally, and identify your developmental needs, please do not hesitate to go 100% “in” with Mike! I was blessed in countless ways (my relationship with God, my business, and my workplace, etc...) as a result of Mr Almeyda’s mentoring, consulting, and advocating.
― Maury A.
I'm a gratitude coach. It's what I live for and it's what I help others become consciously aware of. Understanding the truth of what gratitude is, how it affects us and how to make it a part of your very being is a primary ingredient to achieving happiness. As a licensed Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner, I make sure that there will be a positive shift in your mindset through practicing gratitude. Work with me and you can expect to reach new levels of positivity, leading you to a better life of joy and happiness.
Gratitude Coaching, Gratitude Training, Positive Mindset
If I could sum it all in one word I would say Sheena is EVERYTHING I could talk on the phone for hours with her about anything and get angry because all the time has passed yet I don't want to say goodbye. Shes so intelligent, fun, energetic, hilarious on many levels both personal and professional she will have you forgetting you are in a room full of people. I enjoy every conversation with her. Frankly, I hate the idea of sharing her with others b/c shes so amazing so be kind with her or ill find you! lol
― David P.
Personal Development, Conflict Resolution, Career Development
Skills/Needs Assessments | Development Plans | Performance Coaching | Training | Conflict Resolution Project Management | Administration
I have over 18 years of working with diverse groups that I help inspire to reach their personal and professional goals. When you open yourself to accept another beyond your differences you also open yourself to endless possibilites of self-awarness.
Relationship Coaching Intercultural Relationships Traditional and Blended Families Stress Management Communication & Conflict Resolution
I was nervous to speak with a life coach since this was my first time. Sam immediately made me feel comfortable and at ease. He helped me get back on my spiritual path and I can't thank him enough for it. Sam is a wonderful coach and person alike. I speak with Sam every week and he never let's me down.
― Susan
Jeff's knowledge base, work ethic, drive, and passion are unsurpassed. If you have the opportunity to work with Jeff, do it.
― Gary McDermott, Attorney at Law
Helping other achieve their goals is my main focus. I specialize in encouraging clients on matters having to do with career, relationships, and personal challenges that comes in a everyday life.
I have over 5 years of experience. I am very direct in my approach to find solutions to barriers. After, my client and I work on a goal to achieve.
I offer personal development training, coaching and case management services. Working with individuals in pursuit of a desired goal. Together we create a personal development plan, centered around your vision. As I stand as your accountability partner to motivate you towards achievement.
Using the Co-Active coaching technique.

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