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If I could sum it all in one word I would say Sheena is EVERYTHING I could talk on the phone for hours with her about anything and get angry because all the time has passed yet I don't want to say goodbye. Shes so intelligent, fun, energetic, hilarious on many levels both personal and professional she will have you forgetting you are in a room full of people. I enjoy every conversation with her. Frankly, I hate the idea of sharing her with others b/c shes so amazing so be kind with her or ill find you! lol
― David P.
Personal Development, Conflict Resolution, Career Development
Skills/Needs Assessments | Development Plans | Performance Coaching | Training | Conflict Resolution Project Management | Administration
I have over 18 years of working with diverse groups that I help inspire to reach their personal and professional goals. When you open yourself to accept another beyond your differences you also open yourself to endless possibilites of self-awarness.
Relationship Coaching Intercultural Relationships Traditional and Blended Families Stress Management Communication & Conflict Resolution
Helping other achieve their goals is my main focus. I specialize in encouraging clients on matters having to do with career, relationships, and personal challenges that comes in a everyday life.
I have over 5 years of experience. I am very direct in my approach to find solutions to barriers. After, my client and I work on a goal to achieve.

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