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I'm a certified Peer Support Coach. I offer tools and techniques to improve well-being, harmonize interpersonal relationships and promote personal success. I specialize in helping people who struggle with addictions, mental health & poverty.
I have a certificate in Peer Support Coaching (02/16) and have been practicing in my field for over a year. Additionally, I have lived expertise that allows me to build a special bond with my clients that is unique and highly beneficial. I specialize in helping people who struggle with addictions, mental health & poverty. I welcome individuals from all walks of life. I am compassionate, friendly, empathetic and dedicated. I would be honored to be your choice for a life coach! -Shannon
Mind, body & spirit, connecting to self to achieve any goal you TRULY desire.
13 years of experience working in the Social Service Field helping others and build communities. Intuitive Reiki I trained, practicing on my self, family and plants, B.A in Sociology and History - I'm pretty good at observing and learning from the past.
Life Coaching, Stress Management Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Communication Coaching, Mental Health & Wellness Coaching

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