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I specialize in stress, fear management and life coaching. Dating and relationship mentorship.
"I don't know where we'd be without Jeeva and Sulojana's ministry. My husband and I had become like roommates in a marriage focused outside our home, on our careers. Loneliness, rejection and resentment had built up a firm wall between us and our well-intentioned attempts to make it work seemed increasingly feeble and forced. Our hearts had grown hard. In that vulnerable state, I developed feelings for a co-worker. We felt hopeless, and we both considered we had made a mistake in our choice of partner. Now what? We turned to Jeeva and Sulojana for help and are so glad that we did. Jeeva and Sulojana provided effective, non-judgemental support at this critical time in our marriage. Their methods are solid. After an initial assessment which was spot-on, they focused on spiritual care and actually helped us to soften our hearts toward one another. When we had come to a place of healing, they trained us on more practical ways to make our marriage work. They made themselves available to us when we needed it, and were generous with prayer. They kept their promise to take us from "breakdown to breakthrough", and we are so grateful for their ministry to us. Thank you, Jeeva and Sulojana!"
― A very satisfied couple
Have a coaching session with Deb before you decide to end your relationship. I was very scared and intimidated to speak to anyone. I felt ashamed and that it was all my fault. Deb helped me to separate the legal, emotional, and financial issues we were facing while deciding what to do, stay together or divorce. Deb helped me create a plan and work through our difficult time and we are still together and celebrating our 25th anniversary next year!
― Lydia L.
Tara’s coaching is a strong blend of creative brainstorming and practical, individually appropriate guidance and structure. With an excellent listening ear, Tara offers both organized and empathetic coaching to her clients. I highly recommend her coaching for small business owners who are wanting to strategize practical and innovative business models.
― B-M. S.
Working with Mitch helped me develop a new perspective at work and home life. He was a pleasure to work with due to his friendly and positive attitude. Mitch tailored his program to focus on areas where I needed and wanted improvement. His methods allowed me to think outside the conventional 'box' and he provided simple exercises where I learned to apply new techniques. I now find myself in a more calm, proactive, resourceful state of mind when solving issues and communicating with others. I would recommend Mitch for anyone wanting to gain a fresh perspective on how to proactively and productively manage time and tasks, and increase the development of new ideas. The benefits I have received from working with Mitch far exceed the initial investment.
― Sherry S
Career Coaching, Entrepreneurial Coaching, Business Coaching, Life Coaching
I empower clients of ages and career levels to jumpstart the job search process to effectively navigate the job market through customized 1-1 coaching sessions. As a mid-career professional myself who successfully transitioned into another profession, I work with all jobseekers of all experience levels and specialize in working with other mid-career professionals in a career transition to lead clients through the exploration of available options including career change, assessments, academic upgrading, job market navigation, traditional employment vs self employment, entrepreneurship and small business start-up.
I have gained experience in counselling over the past 8 months and am entering the coaching business with my knowledge and experience from my counselling jobs and volunteer work! All my skills and techniques from counselling and crisis work transfer well over into the coaching world and I'd love to work with you! I am currently a Child, youth and family therapist and continue to learn and grow in this field
I am a mental health counsellor which has transferable skills between counselling and life coaching. I have had experience in many different areas such as anxiety, depression, crisis intervention, stress management and goal setting both in my work and volunteering. My education in both Psychology and Mental Health and Addictions has provided me with many different theoretical models that make up my approach. The models that I am informed in are Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Solution focused brief therapy, Strengths based approaches, Dialectical behavioural therapy, trauma therapy, and family therapy.
I am an achievement enthusiast. With graduate training in the top evidence-driven techniques (see below), I coach through a philosophy of with: learning to be with yourself and with others. When we unlock how to be with, we achieve self mastery, passionate relationships and a self were excited to wake up with each morning. If you choose to work with me, we will start by pulling apart underlying roadblocks, identifying what makes your ideal self or relationship different from the one youre currently experiencing. From there, we will set goals and I will provide the unique tools, skills, tricks and techniques to get there. Change starts in thought patterns, which is what learning to be with is all about. From thoughts moving outwards, change then occurs in the real world. The ultimate goal is that you no longer need my coaching: you have achieved your success. I am a business owner as well as a Registered Psychotherapist in training. I hold graduate level training in the techniques of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Family and Couples Therapy and Solution Focused Brief Therapy. This training has allowed me to take my insights and passions and turn them into emperically-based tools that help craft the self and relationships into what they ought to be.
I focus on self-mastery as well as the healing and awakening of romantic and family relationships. I am trained in and believe in the power of therapies that are solution-focused, goal-oriented, structured and effective in short periods of time.
Within minutes of working with Teresa, I knew I was in the right place. Her kind, accepting demeanor helped me let my guard down and speak freely about topics I typically keep to myself. Once out in the open, she helped me acknowledge and address these issues, providing realistic solutions I could act upon immediately to help improve my overall life situation. I look forward to every meeting I have with Teresa, and recommend her at every opportunity I have.
― Jamie T. - Marketing Mentor
Health & Wellness Coach Certified in Yoga, Meditation, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
I really had a hard time connecting with making the law of attraction work for me until I started working with W.T. I tried to do the affirmations and the visualization but it never felt real to me. I always felt like I was trying to trick myself. The way he broke it down and showed me how to use it as a thinking process instead of a spiritual experience really helped me to see how I could use it to make my business grow. I loved the way he showed me how to make my own program that was customized to my life and goals. Since working with W.T. I've been able to launch my online business and create a second flow of money. I definitely recommend working with him.
― Trevor L.
Career Transition & Transformation, Leadership, Management & Teams, Academic (Post-Graduate)
Career Transition & Transformation Coaching - Whether you have been downsized, outplaced, or simply need to find your next play, I help you rediscover You at your best. Together we develop a Mindful Intention for your life, and the right career through which you will fulfill it. Leadership Coaching - You are about to move from an operational role into a true leadership role. How do you think about what leadership means to you and your organization in the context of 21st-century business realities? What effects will your leadership have on your organization's culture, and how will you create the effects that enable your organization to thrive? Having worked with many leaders and organizations, I help you truly become a contemporary leader. Management & Team Coaching - "Modern" management practice has been rooted in the industrial mindset of the 20th century that considers people as little more than replaceable machine parts motivated by extrinsic incentives. Successful contemporary management and teams increasingly find themselves adopting appreciative practices that encourage intrinsic motivation for all management functions, from hiring to delegation to performance through to discipline, feedback, and termination. Academic (Post-Graduate) Coaching - As those who are in master's and (especially) doctoral programs, there are unique sets of issues that emerge from personal motivation to framing research questions to research methods to dealing with literature to dealing with supervisors and committees. I don't take the place of your supervisor; instead I augment the work of your supervisor to help you keep perspective, stay motivated, and through specific technical guidance in the thesis process. (My research methodological specialty is qualitative analysis in the constructivist and critical paradigms among the social sciences.)
In my personal interactions with Patricia I have been impressed by her strong communication skills and her ability to establish a comfortable and friendly connection with others. She comes across as confident and mature. She has always been able to answer all my questions and help in solving our company's urgent needs in the best way possible. Patricia is an exceptional individual who exudes a positive attitude and very reliable. In my experience I have found her to be thorough, practical and a solution-oriented person who had become a reliable source for our operation administration and its success.
― Beatrix
Coaching for : Relationship repair, Professional aspirations, Habit changes (cognitive & behavioral), Assertiveness, Social interaction, Emotion regulation, Self confidence, Self awareness
Life changes Personal development - Moving towards your life purpose Life joy - Return to your happy place Relationships Spirituality Health and Wellness Stress management Interpersonal communication
My career experiences as a frontline mental health crisis counsellor have strengthened my capacity to motivate clients seeking life enhancement through personal fulfillment. I have seen my clients move from stagnation, feelings of overwhelming, stress and emotional pain to positive actions, balance and emotional release by uncovering their own resourcefulness. My personal development program takes you out of your discomfort zone and into your place of joy through a process of creative identification with your personal power.
Every day I'm grateful that my path crossed with Jillian's. Many years in the corporate world helped me recognize a real talent like Jillian's. Now I feel like I am running a real business, right on plan to build my empire thanks to Jillian! If you have big dreams like me, you'd better get Jillian on-board as your business partner.
― Violet J
Focused on helping you achieve Personal and Professional Growth. Author, MBA.
Self-esteem Self-awareness Personal Goal Setting Identifying self-limiting beliefs Career planning Academic planning Idea Generation LGBTQ+
Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach. Specilizing in helping my clients find Balance in their every day life. Wether your issues are professional, physical or Personal I can help! If you are looking for a little more balance in your life, and need a little more help. I believe I can help you. -> I am offering a complimentary wellness test, as well as a 15 minute phone call to discuss the results as well as steps to move forward.
+10 Years in the fitness industry Worked with all types of individuals in acheiveing their goals
Everton has helped me move forward in my career as a leader and has been an excellent resource for new idea
― Kyle J.
Dr. Behrang expertly filled the Achievement Educator role when I had serious problems to get myself back to a student like life with two kids, no job, and newcomer to Canada. I was particularly impressed by his ability to handle even the toughest situations that I faced to, effortlessly. That skill often takes years to develop among coaching and Educating Professionals, but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to him. Link to the original testimonial on LinkedIn:
― Angela Y.
Health Coaching, Family planning, Infertility, pregnancy, labor and postpartum.
FAMILY PLANNING Infertility Hormone balance (men & women) Healthy start to pregnancy Work with chronic health issues PREGNANCY & LABOUR Reduce symptoms (nausea & fatigue) Reduce complications Plan an easier labour Prepare for post-partum
Life Coaching Career & Educational Coaching Weight Loss Coaching Relationship Coaching CBT Stress Coaching Working with teens through to Adults Many other areas, just ask!
I have been working in the field of rehabilitation and coaching for almost 18 years. During this time I have worked with at risk youth, people with mental & physical disabilities, teens and adults who are experiencing a life transition and are looking for assistance, if you think I can assist you please contact me. Life is all about stepping stones and how we handle each step/task we are given. My role is in assisting you moving through each step until you reach your destination. I look forward to hearing from and working with you!

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