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Public Speaking Trainer, Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Organizer, social media, techno phobia, financial coaching, vegan
Public speaking,Techno Phobia, Self Discovery, empowerment, financial counseling/Credit
Lisa really understands pain and trauma, without letting it dominate. She helps me face the most painful challenges with courage, strength, and humor. That’s all we can do sometimes. Also, Lisa has her feet on the ground, very pragmatic. Lisa validates my life story. She can find my gain in any negative story I tell her. She helps me see worthwhile, pragmatic meaning in what I thought was a total loss. Her readings are spot on, at a deep level. And I always leave with a better sense on how to handle that particular pain, fear or any emotion. I used to dread certain social events, always picturing what could go wrong. Now, I feel such inner peace and confidence. I can’t tell you what a change it is to look forward to meeting new people, and expecting fun rather than disappointment. I have found such unexpected freedom in other areas of my life (work, hobbies). I found that I really could afford to buy a home in a nice neighborhood (SF Bay area), even though our family income dropped 18% during 2008/2009 economic downturn. Plus, there were more initial + monthly expenses than expected. But, it all still worked out. I would recommend Lisa to anyone who really wants to transform their life into something better. Most spiritual counselors don’t deliver.
― Elizabeth Ray
A Recognized Leader Technology, endorsed an "Exceptional Talent" by the U.K. Government, Ax is a dedicated Security Researcher, Engineer, and a Digital Technologist. In his spare time, he loves exploiting vulnerabilities, ethically, writing about technology and educating a wide range of audiences. As someone who has previously been at a point where they needed career counseling, I can completely relate to where you are in life right now - whether starting college deciding to pick a major or making a career switch after years. Rest assured, there is light at the end of the tunnel! My expertise involves years of software development, web application penetration testing, security research and teaching. Through responsible disclosure, I have previously exposed serious bugs and security vulnerabilities affecting national & global organizations like P.F. Changs, Planet Fitness, Comcast/Arris, Ellucian and the popular restaurant chain, Buca di Beppo. In early 2018, I was able to help prevent a massive data breach at Georgia Tech by going public with a serious flaw which was left unpatched for over a year. I hence earned myself a place on Techs Vulnerability Reporters hall of fame page. I have previously been involved in teaching university-level courses. Thanks to my tech blog on Medium, posts from which have been retweeted by industry experts like Brian Krebs and Graham Cluley, I often get inquiries regarding career counseling and advice with regards to cybersecurity and technology careers. I love to help folks out which is why I chose to be on LiveCoach.
Cybersecurity, Software Development, Digital Technology, Teaching, Writing
I am a master coach graduated from the Latin American Coaching Society and certified by Richard Bendler in neurolinguistic programming
Career development, life transitions, terminating negative relationships
Life happens! You are in control of your life, and I am here to guide you through life's many transitions.

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