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I’ve had the pleasure to know and work with Edward Aldama for several years. In both personal and professional situations Edward has been a true inspiration and a valued source of new creative ideas. Walter Chrysler wrote "the real secret of success is enthusiasm.” Edward’s secret of success is challenging the best in everyone he touches through enlightenment, entitlement and a systematic path to enrichment. – I will continue to call on Mr. Aldama as I expand in my career.
Coaching those creative personalities to achieve their goals. Working with men Dating Weight Loss Creative blocks
I use a variety of tools to help clients to go for the deep dive quickly. Each session is about getting you moving toward your dreams. Every session includes a request for powerful transformation on your part. The world does not have time to wait for your gifts. "Every day you say no to your dreams, you could could be pushing your dreams back a whole six months, a whole year. That one day, that one single day, you didn't get up, could have pushed your stuff back I don't know how long." -Eric "E.T." Thomas
Arvell has changed my view on how a person should work. He’s relentless in helping you find what’s a priority and how to move towards it. His insight brings clarity.
― Joseph Bojang
Adhd/Anxiety and mentoring school age children that are not sure what direction to go. Communication/ Public Speaking, Marketing/Sales. Introverts/ Extraverts learning how to work more efficiently with others.
I have been mentoring children and adult for about 8 yrs. now I am a professional mentor on CareerVilliage. online. Life experience, certifications listed below.
I've had the pleasure of working with Regina as my coach, I've also received spiritual advise from her by receiving a reading not to long ago. Regina is generous, and clear in her approach with both. I feel she brings all of herself, her life learning both professional training and personal experience to the table. She listens and gives guidance that supports one in taking those life changing leaps that at times feel impossible. She's on my list of healers that keep me centered and balanced so I can continue to do my work.
― Novuyo Masakhane~ Author, Spirit dancer, spiritual advisor

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