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As long as I’ve known Maxwell, he is personable and easy to relate to as a person. He educated me about best practices, resume writings and strategies for personal development as an international student trying to adapt to the local culture. He constantly followed up on my progress and was very concern with my personal development. I am confident that Maxwell will continue to be very productive. He has my highest recommendation.
― Michelle Ng
This amazing woman has gathered so many lessons from her own life that have made her such an enlightened beautiful person and made them into an easy to understand and use philosophy that can help anyone in their relationships and life. Highly recommend to anyone.
Finding your purpose, men's development, self-discovery, self-mastery, self-awareness, self-empowerment, living the life you desire, creating the life you desire, achieving goals, magnifying your success, magnifying your influence, magnifying your wealth, inspiring people to thrive and not just survive.
I am an extremely driven and focused person who wants to make a positive impact in this world and leave a legacy of helping others. I am a mens Success Mentor, property investor and speaker. Growing up, I lived through the struggles of a broken family with an alcoholic father, divorced parents and moving back and forth from Australia to London; where my parents are originally from. I ended up finishing high school in London and moved back to Australia when I was 20 years old. As I reached adulthood, I searched for meaning in my life as I had a burning desire to be better and live an extraordinary life I just didnt know how I was going to achieve it. I have always had a passion for property and so pursued a career working as a property consultant. It felt great helping others but I always felt that something was missing, so I got started on my journey of self-development to discover my purpose in life. That is when the magic started to happen. I had an amazing mentor who inspired me every day and helped to expand my awareness. As my limiting beliefs started to change and non-supportive habits started to lift, I realised that I had a burning desire to help other men be the best version of themselves. I thought of how incredibly powerful it was having a mentor to guide me through my journey and I developed a passion and desire to be that very person for others. I couldnt help but think of how different life could have been for my family if my father had the guidance he clearly needed. He didnt have passion or purpose in life and he didnt know how to fulfil his role in our family. Now I am an extremely passionate mens Success Mentor at The Successful Male and I help men through their journey of self-discovery, self-awareness, self-empowerment and self-mastery. I realised that if men grow into the best version of themselves, it in turn creates a positive flow-on effect to their families, communities and industries. They become better husbands, fathers, relatives, friends and colleagues. I know that with every man we transform, lives all around him will also transform. Self-education has been something that has completely changed my life and we are now on a mission to develop 1 million men around the globe. At The Successful Male, we live and breathe what we do and completely believe that holistic success can be achieved with the right mindset and guidance. Everyone can live passionate, purposeful and fulfilling lives if they apply themselves correctly, have a mentor to guide them and take the time to discover themselves.
Innovation, reworking complex problems, changing behaviour to change outcomes, mindfulness, problem solving, communication coaching, conflict resolution.
An intricate knowledge of human behaviour, design skills - (have been awarded for a couple of designs I did for NASA - storyboards and a radiation shield), academic writing, conflict resolution, and lateral thinking.
Business - small business coaching, personal coaching, lifestyle creation and developing personal capability.
Women in business, Facilitating workshops, Key Note Speaker, Mentor to Coaches
I’ve known (and respected) Mike for over thirty years, from when he was employed on the executive team at the Herbert River Canegrowers and I was that organisation’s local insurance manager. Eventually we both moved to Cairns and I’d bump into Mike occasionally at business or community functions but more often than not I’d read about Mike in the papers in his role as the regional general manager for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. In that capacity Mike not only brought a greater community focus on the RFDS but in my view, he contributed so much to that organisation’s development and service initiatives throughout Far North Queensland. I keep telling him that he needs to write that book! By coincidence, all these years later, Mike and I live in the same beautiful part of Far North Queensland in Redlynch Valley. Saturday morning will often see us having a chat over my front garden fence as Mike helpfully (and with great tact) will point out a weed or two that I have missed! A life coach should be a good listener and Mike is great at that. A life coach should, I think, allow you to look at yourself, where you’re going in life and maybe some options on how to get there. And like the best coaches in sport or business, it’s left up to you to make those choices, with Mike at your side if that’s what you need. Mike quietly weaves in life circumstances and shared experiences as naturally as drinking a glass of water. I sometimes think I’m getting free support over our weekend garden chats. There’s more than just weeds in the garden that he’s helped me to eradicate. John Devaney Redlynch Valley June 2017

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