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I'm a gratitude coach. It's what I live for and it's what I help others become consciously aware of. Understanding the truth of what gratitude is, how it affects us and how to make it a part of your very being is a primary ingredient to achieving happiness. As a licensed Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner, I make sure that there will be a positive shift in your mindset through practicing gratitude. Work with me and you can expect to reach new levels of positivity, leading you to a better life of joy and happiness.
Gratitude Coaching, Gratitude Training, Positive Mindset
Leadership development, executive coaching, agile, software development managers, time management, balance, entrepreneurship, self-organizing teams, business owners, high-potentials, communication, organization, strategic planning, Energy Leadership Index, StrengthsFinder, giving feedback, clarifying roles, coping with change, preventing burnout, confidence, productivity
I specialize in working with executives, managers, and high-potentials in software and agile companies, especially as it relates to their leadership, communication, and team-building skills. I focus on both strategy and execution and always take the context, culture, and goals of the organization into consideration. I also enjoy supporting entrepreneurs as the build their businesses. Because of my background in I/O and cognitive psychology, entrepreneurial and acquisition experience, and knowledge of Agile and Lean methodologies, I understand the issues that modern leaders face.
Helping other achieve their goals is my main focus. I specialize in encouraging clients on matters having to do with career, relationships, and personal challenges that comes in a everyday life.
I have over 5 years of experience. I am very direct in my approach to find solutions to barriers. After, my client and I work on a goal to achieve.

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