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It is a delight working with Laura! I had been going through a sort of mid-life career change crisis, and I worked with Laura to explore the whats, whys, and how-to-move-forwards. She was extremely professional and courteous, caring and non-judgmental. She never gave me generic answers, and I loved that she really listened to what I was saying, and then provided thoughtful answers to my specific questions. Laura provided me with several worksheets that really helped me narrow down my choices and see my present and future in a more clear way. She was extremely kind and open to the process; she understood when I wasn't able to complete them on time, and continued to provide encouragement and positive feedback. No matter what area(s) of your life you seek life coaching for, I do not hesitate to recommend Laura. She will truly help you reveal the answers that are already within you, in a safe and supportive way. I'd give her 100 stars if I could!
― Nadia F.
Natasha is a fantastic coach. She is willing to listen and provide feedback on your concerns; but more importantly she is able to provide feedback on how to take action to start changing the things you want to change about yourself. I recommend Natasha if you need a coach that will help guide you from the inside out (spiritually and physically).
I love teaching people about how to manage their emotions and find peace and happiness in life. I have an MBA from Kellogg and have worked in high powered positions, but I have also lots of experience with deep spirituality. I like to combine the 2 and teach people how to achieve what they want in life, no matter how hard it is, without compromising your sense of peace.
Meditation, management consulting, marketing, yoga
Did you know that success starts with being happy? That's right. Those for whom happiness is a trait (not just a state) are better equipped to find success than those for whom happiness is just a momentary event. Welcome to the path of Success. Are you interested in Hardwiring Your Brain for Resiliency? By learning a few small positive interventions, you can create sustainable, long-term positive change in your life and work. There are many ways to raise your happiness baseline and adopt a more positive mindset. I am talking about capitalizing on your brain's capacity for change and reaping the benefits. I know I would be of great service to you if you are interested in these goals: * overcoming obstacles, * reversing bad habits * becoming more efficient and productive * making the most of opportunities * achieving your most ambitious goals * reaching your full-potential in life and in work If that's you, then I would love to help you reach these goals through coaching! Eddie Grassi Life Coach, Teacher
Since my passion is helping you achieve lasting fulfillment in both your personal and professional life, I am a strong follower of positive psychology. We work together as a team to maximize your potential for success. I am always here to support you but will challenge your assumptions if I think you are not acting in your best interest. Positive psychology s an approach to counseling which empowers people to achieve their goals by developing their inherent inner skills which can go unnoticed and undiscovered for years. The good news is that our brain can change it's shape and literally develop new muscle matter or neurological pathways to override old and ineffective settings where we feel as though all we can do is react to things negatively. In my sessions, regardless of your objective, we will build in these areas: * confidence * calm * motivation * determination * compassion * love I like to help people practice techniques and exercises that I know others experts before me have practiced to enable people to retake control of their life again by discovering these inner strengths.
Business, Life, Retirement, Weight Loss, Spiritual, Wellness, Team Development, Stress, Relationship, Financial, Sales, Marketing, Writing, Leadership, Performance, Communication, Depression, Career, Wealth, Academia, Health, Personal, Mindfulness, Arts, Fitness, Nutrition, Executive, Transitions, Goals, Self Growth & Development, Image, Family Coaching.
If you're looking for a game changing advisor, look no further than Lea. I've learned over the years that her services are more valuable than those of the typical financial advisor: she is connected to everyone, is savvy regarding personal and corporate financial matters, ad will inspire you to do the things to help you achieve personal and financial success. When entrepreneurs take on massive markets, critics line up to tell them it can't be done. Marc (and Lea) not only says it can be done, but that it will be. He's (and she's) one of the most positive, genuine people i've met.
― Bryan Copley, CEO & Co-founder at CityBldr
Great content, clear presentation. Gives me hope and a new perspective on the Job Seeking process... Thanks!
― Neta H.
I specialize in helping smart, single men master the art of dating. Whether it's perfecting your online dating profile, helping you plan the perfect first date, or helping you to avoid the friend zone, I can help you find your perfect partner.
UCBerkeley graduate. 10+ years experience working as a health and wellness coach. Completed 100 date experiment in 2011 and 2012.
I was dealing with burnout and depression at work, and general anxiety with my personal situation with my family. My outlook on life was quite bleak, and nothing would hold my attention for very long. My health and happiness were low, and I had body image issues from being overweight due to stress-induced eating. With Su's help, I was able to rekindle my connection with my life, and bring a sense of joy, gratitude, and purpose to all of my daily activities. She gently guided me to the realization that I need to do things that I feel truly passionate about, and that there is no fear or shame in making choices that lead me to genuine fulfillment. I greatly enjoyed our sessions together. Su took the time to learn my unique story, and worked with my specific situation. While she bases her work on a few key fundamentals, she does not employ a cookie-cutter approach to coaching. She took the time to make herself available outside of our sessions via email or phone, to ensure I had everything I needed to stay on course. This made me feel like I was being taken care of in the deepest sense, and that Su had my back. I have relied heavily on her for support throughout my journey, and have every single time been met with warmth and compassion. Su is a remarkably compassionate and empathetic individual. She has an innate ability to get you to focus on what really matters in your life. Her genuineness, clarity of vision, and personalized approach to coaching are what set her apart from other life coaches I've worked with. I couldn't recommend Su more highly to anyone looking to transform their inner lives, and fill their outer lives with meaning. An absolutely wonderful life coach!
― Nandan W
Strategic planning, growth hacking, client discovery, product development, streamlining operations, strategic partnerships, client introductions
For businesses: Strategic planning and execution - 5 year product development, client development, sales strategy, partnership development, expansion plan Streamlining operations - developing efficiency in operations to reach KPI's and goals For individuals: Vision planning - develop plan and work towards goal Career/business identification and planning - discover passions and term them into careers or businesses Academic identification and planning - discover what the best academic options for reach your goals
The goal of working with Simone was to sustain calm focused attention. I'm an entrepreneur so I need to maintain a consistency of purpose. My success, in raising my level of professional/personal development, is a direct result of Simone's hard work. She exceeded my expectations in her role by matching my commitment to improving. You'll enjoy working with Simone. I found her warm, emotionally intelligent nature to be effective in our work together. Highly recommend her services to achieve results-driven professional/personal development.
― Jeremy Ideus, Senior Software QA Automation Engineer
My coaching with Maia was a transformative experience. As a freelance journalist I was being offered bigger public speaking work, which I was apprehensive about. With a light touch Maia gave me the courage to make the leap into this career move with confidence, and helped me thrive in this new challenge. She always approached our sessions with enthusiasm, warmth, compassion and kindness, and no matter how apprehensive I felt about talking about myself, she gave me the courage to be honest, and to believe in myself, and to consequently push myself to bigger challenges. I came away from our sessions with a clear idea of my core values and life purpose, which help guide me confidently through difficult decisions. The outcome is I am moving forward with my career in a way I couldn’t have imagined before. Thank you so much, Maïa!
― L. L.
Each year I conduct an event with my business team designed to inspire, grow, and empower them. For our 2018 event I asked Alexis Haselberger to speak to our group through a live Zoom feed into our conference room. Although I had not previously met Alexis in person, after conducting due diligence I concluded she would bring valuable content to our event. We prepped in advance of her segment and I was confident she would bring value to the group. Alexis was asked to speak for about 50 minutes, and then field some questions. Her presentation and content were outstanding. Even more impressive, she successfully tailored her message to our team needs, even though she had never met any of us in person. This is not easy to do--but Alexis did it. Her presentation was effective, and afterwards, we had associates interested in contracting with her privately to get assistance with their focus, time efficiency, and organization. I recommend Alexis for group leaders who are looking to introduce time management efficiencies to their teams.
― John D.
During a recent career transition, Cecil coached me through determining how much my work and skill set was worth. Not just to potential employers, but to me. His questions led me to discovering a reasonable baseline for negotiating a fair salary, and even empowered me to give myself a significant raise. I wouldn’t have imagined earning my current salary just a few years ago but Cecil’s powerful questions helped me acknowledge the worth and value for the kinds of services I am able to provide others.
― -PT, San Francisco
I specialize in love life Financial issues relationship issues career family health
Love marrige family Financial issues are all focused on
MY STYLE & PHILOSOPHY While coaching is often viewed as solely future-focused, I hold the following philosophy as sacred: to move forward, we must first move through. It is in this work of being with ourselves in the present that we cultivate a greater understanding of and relationship with our inner intelligence, which is what guides us to sustainable success, whether in our career, personal life, etc. I take an integrated and tailored approach to coaching in order to bring light to your entire experience of self: body, mind and spirit. As such, I welcome all of you your whole self into the space. In addition to verbal dialogue, I offer the opportunity for you to engage in breathing, mindfulness and somatic exercises to better understand the language of your body and uncover the truths that live within physical manifestations. Furthermore, we bring all of ourselves wherever we go; we cant simply turn parts of ourselves on or off. What presents as a seemingly straightforward career challenge may turn out to be a stickier adaptive challenge that shows up elsewhere in life. In light of this, I focus on coaching you, the person, rather than the challenge itself. That way, when you encounter another challenge down the road, youll have the tools to address it from a place of self-knowledge and authenticity. EVIDENCE-BASED COACHING As an ICF-certified coach, I have been trained in evidence-based coaching models that pull from learning science, behavioral change science and neuroscience. I use many of these models to inform the framework of our work together, as well as to create individualized exercises within the coaching space to support your unique journey.

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