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I'm a Life, Leadership, & Legacy Strategist Coach, and Founder of Legacy Life Coaching LLC. We are a boutique coaching firm specializing in coaching clients and organizations unleash their powerful potential through "Legacy Thinking." We help our clients bring deeper meaning to their lives, and personal transformation, influencing your family, organization, and those you serve.
I have developed Coaching Curriculum with a Legacy Brand & Theme to achieve your highest and best life both professionally and personally. Examples.... ~ Legacy Vision Quest 1 ~ Legacy Vision Quest 2 ~ Legacy Leadership Executive Coaching * Love Leadership Executive Coaching * Entrepreneur & Solopreneur Business Coaching * Relocation Coaching *Educational Pursuit Coaching - Undergraduate & Postgraduate ~ Legacy Wellness Coaching - Mind, Body, Soul Connection Coaching (including health, fitness, and nutrition plans) ~ Legacy of Love Relationship Coaching * Pre-Marriage * Marriage * Partnership * Parenting * DivorceCare * Spiritual Gifts & Love Languages * Mended Souls: Moving on From An Emotionally Abusive Relationship * Act Three: Legacy Leavers- On Becoming a Sage * Caring & Planning for Aging Parents ~ Legacy Mid-Life Coaching: Turning a Mid-life Crisis into a Mid-life Renaissance * Legacy Men: Mid-life Renaissance Coaching - Reflect. Renew. Re-Purpose * Legacy Ladies: Transformed Women in the Second Half of Life * Legacy Saging: Choosing Pro-aging Over Anti-aging * Navigating the Dating Game ~ Legacy Launch Coach Training Program * Three month coach training program on becoming a Professional Legacy Coach & setting up your practice
Forming healthy relationships, new careers, children and young adults and learning self esteem and self love
Young adults and children. Finding your purpose. Building better relationships with others. Learning to have good self esteem and self respect. Working with dreams and motivation and finding your purpose through your own personal journey to greatness.
Expert in Life Choices & Decision Making
Life Coaching Decision Making Major Challanges

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