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“My work with Lori was instrumental in providing guidance & counsel during a period when I was questioning my leadership, engagement skills, and purpose. Her thoughtful questions and keen insight resulted in more clarity around my giftedness, calling and relational style. As a result of her kindness and willingness to speak truth into my life, I have more confidence to move forward toward a more intentional life. I am deeply grateful for the transformation I experienced while working with Lori.”
― ~ Bary – Managing Director, Private Wealth Management
Forming healthy relationships, new careers, children and young adults and learning self esteem and self love
Young adults and children. Finding your purpose. Building better relationships with others. Learning to have good self esteem and self respect. Working with dreams and motivation and finding your purpose through your own personal journey to greatness.
I believe in developing people into a well rounded, balanced self. For example, you cannot go to the gym and only work on "leg day" -- you are neglecting all the other muscles in your body that you need to work out! When each facet of your life is strengthened, then you have the ability to be stronger as a whole. You can run faster and harder than you ever have before and truly thrive. Hi I'm Samantha, I've had a lot of success coaching younger adults ages 17-33 through personal development of identity, self confidence, health & wellness, trauma healing, peer pressures of college and the identification of a career path. While my focus over the last 8 years has been developing younger adults, I work with people from all walks of life. I have plenty of wonderful references and those who feel I have greatly helped them out of one session! So what is my style? While I want to jump to fix the problem or resolve your need immediately, I need to listen and properly assess your needs first! By starting today, you are doing more than you did yesterday and taking one step towards your new life of becoming your best self. I look forward to meeting you and helping guide you along your journey to greatness!

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