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I can’t say enough about how invaluable Ashley is as a mentor and coach. Ashley has coached me through some difficult situations; not only as a manager, but as an employee, navigating through day-to-day ups and downs. She has taught me how to compartmentalize the important to the not-so-important issues and really focus on what I want to accomplish within my surroundings. I’ve gained some amazing tools from her that will live on in my everyday life and I’m excited to see that other people will benefit from her coaching.
― Joy M.
Coaching parents of young adults - "The Post-Parent Coach"
Author of 3 books on parents and their grown kids - I'm Still Your Mother, When Our Grown Kids Disappoint Us, and Boundary Issues; social psychologist with psychodynamic training; experienced telecoach with clients who want better relationships with their young adult children; practices by phone and email consultations.
I help professionals who want to transition from a corporate career to starting a creative business as a speaker or entertainer in the corporate market. I will help you find your message, understand the corporate speaking and entertainment market. I will help you discover your bookable message and how to get booked!
In depth knowledge in locating and booking corporate events In depth knowledge of video marketing and promotion In depth knowledge of stagecraft and performance In depth knowledge of confidence and mindset coaching
Marriage, Straight/LGBTQ relationships, family, family & children, personal enrichment, spiritual guidance, anxiety, depression, managing stress, mind body wellness,
As a massage therapist I specialize in whole body wellness. This includes mind and body. I am skilled at helping others to decrease anxiety and learn to manage depression. I have worked for many years as a family specialist which includes marriage, relationships, family, life/career balance, I utilize my skills as an professional advocate to help individuals learn to love themselves as they are in this moment.
My areas of expertise come from my life experiences. Since I could talk I have been sought for advice. I have been giving financial and life advice since I was 6. I have delt with the operations of small businesses since I was a very young child. This experience doesn't come from innate capability but, demand. My unique insight/ upbringing has provided me with numerous perspectives. My father was a narcissist on the autistic spectrum. Consistent conflict taught me to be calm in the middle of chaos. Since entering the foster system my goal has been self-actualization. When I initially left my father's care I had agoraphobia, general anxiety, social phobia, and borderline personality disorder. Since then I have been working to catch my self up to the general population. Within a years span I went from being too terrified to go outside to having the ability to go to college classes without fear. I am dedicated and adaptive, and have a genuine desire to help people.

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